SGI® InfiniteStorage™ Gateway

Professional Services

Quickstart Service
The InfiniteStorage Gateway Quickstart Service allows IT teams to build their understanding of the Gateway and its functional components, so they can more fully utilize it over time. The service provides orientation and knowledge transfer, targeted to the customer's existing understanding of their storage environment and its components. Slight policy modifications may be performed, if necessary based on the customer's environment.

Tasks and Deliverables of the InfiniteStorage Gateway Quickstart Service include:

  • Orientation and knowledge transfer session, including:
    • Review of the key components that make up the InfiniteStorage Gateway product.
    • Discussion of the MIS hardware, DMF software and
    • Review ways to interact with the standard Gateway product.
  • Perform slight policy modifications according to high level customer needs.
  • All SGI Professional Services are performed by trained technical consultants.

Datasheet: SGI Quickstart Service for SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway (PDF)

Highly Customized Virtualized Data Management
There are times that customer needs are different than pre-defined services can address. At these times, the needs of a particular environment or challenge faced by a customer require a higher level of partnership and attention. For these customers, we offer the Highly Customized Virtualized Data Management Service option.

In this level of service, customers can expect:

  • Service deliverables are defined in partnership with the customer
  • A Statement of Work is drafted to document all needs and requirements
  • All custom professional services engagements are managed by trained Project Managers, in adherence with Project Management Institute standards
  • All SGI Professional Services are performed by trained technical consultants.