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Do you have a handle on your data? Are you struggling with managing a digital universe that is doubling in volume every two years? Are you simply buying more disk storage to accommodate end-user access requirements only to find that your IT budget has no reserves to cover new initiatives? Buying more disk may solve immediate storage problems, but it also creates risks, including reduced backup windows, excessive restore times, facility limitations and overhead such as electricity/cooling, and a high cost per terabyte of storage. And, when you think about it, because most data is static, does it make sense to continuously back up the same file 52 times a year?

Here's where Trusted Edge can help. Instead of buying more disk to increase storage capacity, you can use Trusted Edge to easily identify and automatically migrate specific content from primary storage to a StorHouse data management system and then reclaim as much as 70-90% of primary storage after migration for in-process operations.

What is Trusted Edge?

Trusted Edge is a simple-to-install, user-friendly intelligent content analysis and policy-based migration management tool for automatically moving less active, forever-read data from primary storage to a more cost-effective StorHouse data management system. Once data resides on StorHouse, users benefit from an automatically managed, virtualized storage environment that provides direct, online access to data and automated backup, archive, disaster recovery, replication, retention, HSM, and other functionality at the lowest cost per terabyte of storage.

The Trusted Edge Process

With the addition of Trusted Edge, StorHouse becomes a complete solution that provides front-end content analysis, policy-driven data migration, and automated storage management capabilities.

Analyze: With Trusted Edge, you can analyze data access patterns (for example, file activity) and primary storage allocations to determine the best candidates to migrate from primary storage to StorHouse. After analysis, organizations typically discover that 80+% of data has not been accessed or changed in over a year and could easily be moved to a lower-cost StorHouse virtualized storage environment. In fact, such migrations can result in impressive ROI numbers and payback periods as quickly as three months.

Migrate: Based on data analysis, you can use the Trusted Edge policy creation engine to define diverse job types, including copy, migrate, source and destination directory synchronizations, MD5 and SH1 hash verification, statistical analysis, and file/folder/stale link deletes. Moreover, Trusted Edge provides flexible job scheduling options, import/export capabilities, and comprehensive reporting and audit trail features.

Manage: Once data resides in StorHouse, the system manages it automatically, which reduces the burden on administrators and budgets. And because StorHouse stores data in native file format, it eliminates the need to restore data from tape to disk prior to access. Instead, users can re-acquire all data any time, every time, in time without IT intervention. StorHouse customer applications include backup, archive, HSM , internal cloud, device migration, disaster recovery and digital preservation.