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SGI® DMF™ — Storage Tier Virtualization

DMF Virtualizes
Separate Storage Silos

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Proven for more that two decades in some of the world's most demanding data environments.

SGI DMF is a powerful storage tier virtualization solution for creating and managing a virtualized storage fabric, which can include disk, tape, object and cloud storage in a massively scalable, completely protected environment at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

Relied upon by some of the world's largest online data repositories for over 23 years, DMF enables all data to appear simply as online data, regardless of which tier or storage device it may be on at the moment. This is made possible with a rich policy engine that gives IT administrators the ability to optimize placement of data on any or all storage devices and locations based upon what works best for the access requirements and data protection policies.

Based on user criteria DMF, continuously monitors and automatically migrates data between storage tiers with different cost and performance characteristics. Only the most critical or timely data resides on higher performance, more expensive storage media, while less critical or timely data is automatically migrated to less expensive, lower performance storage media. Data always appears to be online to end users and applications regardless of its actual storage location.

DMF has been protecting data in some of the industries largest virtualized environments all over the world, enabling them to maintain uninterrupted online access to data for more than 20 years. Some customers have installations with over 100PB online data capacity, and billions of files, which they are able to manage at a fraction of the cost of conventional online architectures.

DMF delivers significant storage management benefits including:

  • Significantly reduce storage and storage management costs today
  • Proactively manage storage costs as data grows
  • Lower risks and improve service levels through reduced operator intervention
  • Lower risk of data loss through DMF's Active Backup feature