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A Bright New Idea in Storage Management

The StorHouse software-based platform provides unmatched levels of data access and assurance - and the lowest cost per terabyte of storage in the industry. Learn about the key differentiators and benefits of this powerful platform.

Innovative storage virtualization and data managment software for relational and file-based data

StorHouse from SGI is an intelligent storage virtualization and data management platform that can archive, retrieve, and back up massive amounts of relational and file-based information using an automatically managed pool of traditional and alternative storage devices. Virtualized devices from different vendors can include high-performance disk, commodity SATA disk, and highly efficient tape in automated libraries.

StorHouse provides an intelligent storage virtualization and data management layer that complements existing IT and storage infrastructures. It enables organizations to leverage existing investments in storage technology by matching storage resources to storage requirements. With StorHouse, administrators can transparently introduce new storage, retire old storage, and migrate data between diverse storage devices all while maintaining 100% uptime and accessibility.

Key StorHouse features include:

  • Automatically integrating new storage devices and technologies into an existing storage infrastructure and phasing out old ones as required
  • Providing universal access to storage using standard interfaces and protocols
  • Scaling the storage environment from terabytes to petabytes and beyond in an effective and affordable manner
  • Providing policy-driven, automated data and storage management, including backup, retention, replication, recovery, and migration
  • Ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted data availability through automatic content validation and repair features
  • Supporting simplified and efficient native file format backup and recovery processes
  • Providing data sharing between diverse systems and applications across the enterprise
  • Reducing administration overhead with easy-to-use, graphical-based system management and monitoring tools

Organizations deploy StorHouse for information lifecycle management programs, digital preservation initiatives, enterprise archiving applications, database extension systems, storage virtualization applications, and native file format backups of terabytes to petabytes of data residing on operational systems. StorHouse also supports report management and distribution applications (AMMO-II and Web-AMMIO) as well as an easy-to-use, browser-based, control center management tool for system, storage, data, and database administration.