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A Bright New Idea in Storage Management

The StorHouse software-based platform provides unmatched levels of data access and assurance - and the lowest cost per terabyte of storage in the industry. Learn about the key differentiators and benefits of this powerful platform.

Enterprise-wide storage, retrieval, and viewing software

Alternative to Microfiche Microfilm On-line (AMMO-II™) is SGI’s enterprise-wide software for electronically storing and retrieving massive amounts of information currently printed on paper or written to microfiche or microfilm. The AMMO-II family of document viewing and distribution products consists of AMMO-II and Web-AMMO™. These products plus StorHouse provide a comprehensive, integrated solution for managing and viewing customer and corporate data.

System Configuration

The following AMMO-II system configuration drawing enables you to build, grow, and manage a centralized data warehouse for enterprise-wide report information.

In the preceding drawing, AMMO-II provides comprehensive report archiving, indexing, and host CICS-based, 3270 viewing. Web-AMMO provides easy access to distributed AMMO-II reports on the Internet or a corporate intranet, and StorHouse supplies the architectural framework for affordable scalability to petabytes and beyond, flexible tiers of virtualized storage devices, and innovative storage management services.

Product Features

AMMO-II features include comprehensive archiving, sophisticated security, powerful indexing, versatile viewing, user-friendly start-of-day processing, compression, and numerous print and fax strategies.

Comprehensive Archiving

  • Run concurrent archives from host DASD or JES
  • Simulate archives to preview indexes and page breaks
  • Run jobs as started tasks to eliminate batch scheduling
  • Archive reports from all or selected JES SYSOUT classes
  • Archive fully composed AFP reports, mixed mode AFP reports, and line data

Sophisticated Security

  • Call special user exits that link to host security
  • Display only authorized tasks on end-user menus
  • Restrict access to data based on end-user privileges

Powerful Indexing

  • Index key fields at the report, section, and page level
  • Define up to 20 key fields for 10 retrieval strategies
  • Index floating key fields; AFP and mixed mode reports with or without TLEs; and different report formats, including sub-page, multiple-up, columnar, nested, and newspaper style
  • Create 10 global index cross-references

Versatile Viewing

  • Use easy-to-operate screen navigation tools
  • Perform comprehensive text searches
  • Customize report views to hide sensitive data
  • Annotate report pages to highlight account activity
  • Bookmark pages to process large reports more efficiently
  • Lock columns and rows for easier scrolling

System Requirements

System requirements are:

  • IBM mainframe
  • MVS/XA (release 2.2 or later), MVS/ESA, OS/390, and z/OS
  • CICS (release 2.1 or later or TS 1.3)
  • JES2/SP4.2 or later
  • COBOL II runtime library or Language Environment
  • 3480- or 3490-type magnetic tape drive
  • Terminals or PCs with 3270 connectivity
  • CICS or JES printers
  • FaxGate mainframe fax software by Teubner & Associates (optional)
  • StorHouse virtual storage platform