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Harnessing the power of web-based, distributed document access and viewing

AMMO-II™ users can use Web-AMMO™ to harness the power of distributed document access and viewing over an intranet or the Internet. Web-AMMO makes it easy to retrieve and view all AMMO-II documents using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Retrieving Data

Web-AMMO users can access and download AMMO-II documents located on host DASD and the SGI StorHouse® virtualized storage and data management platform. Document location is transparent. Users simply choose a document name from a scrollable list of pre-authorized documents, dates, and key field values (such as account number). Then, they can drill down document selections by entering up to ten keys (or key ranges), work-of-date ranges, and document versions to quickly access and view the precise information they need.

Web-AMMO End-User Interface

The following figure illustrates the Web-AMMO end-user interface.

Viewing Data

Web-AMMO assembles and renders all retrieved pages in an authorized document selection as a single PDF document. Users view their PDF document selections with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which provides a full suite of navigation and search tools. For example, users can perform fast content searches across their entire selection, copy text to a clipboard for use in other applications, and save their document selections as separate PDF files.

In addition, Web-AMMO supports the Adobe Acrobat graphical commenting toolset, which provides a rich set of annotation styles that can be associated with a page or with individual data items on a page. These styles can be placed anywhere on a report page and viewed across the enterprise. Graphical commenting requires Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions Server, available from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Protecting Data

Web-AMMO has a tiered security system that is enforced by AMMO-II even before Web-AMMO users log in to the system. The AMMO-II system administrator determines access profiles for all Web-AMMO users. These profiles control who can access specific documents, document sections, and document work-of-dates. When users sign on to Web-AMMO, AMMO-II verifies their login IDs at the host level and enforces security according to their predefined access profiles.

Web-AMMO Features and Benefits

Web-AMMO provides many features and benefits, including:


  • Retrieval of authorized document selections as a single PDF file
  • Use of Adobe Acrobat Reader navigation and viewing tools
  • Use of user-intuitive web browser interface
  • Central point on mainframe for all system administration
  • Support for AFP document displays
  • Ability to read attached notes and add new ones


  • Eliminates the need for costly end-user training typically required for new graphical interfaces
  • Simplifies AMMO-II system administration across the enterprise
  • Provides easy access to years of AMMO-II documents from the Internet or a corporate intranet
  • Promotes consistency of information across the enterprise
  • Enables quick deployment at customer sites
  • Supports faster text searches because authorized document selections are retrieved as a single PDF file

System, Client, and Web-AMMO Server Requirements

  • AMMO-II, Release 4.0 or higher (Release 4.2 required for graphical commenting)
  • Client systems:
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
    • Any web-enabled PC, Macintosh, or workstation
    • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher
    • Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher
  • Web-AMMO server:
    • IIS Web Server running Windows 2000/2003 Server and IIS 5.0 or higher