Infrastructure - High-performance Fibre Channel Switches for SAN Environments


To provide a powerful yet flexible framework for addressing critical storage area network (SAN) requirements, Brocade has developed the Intelligent Fabric Operating Environment. The key components of this architecture-the Brocade® family of fabric switches, Brocade Fabric OS, Brocade Advanced Fabric Services, and third-party development environment-provide the reliable foundation for storage networks ranging from a few switches to thousands of ports.

The Brocade Intelligent Fabric Operating Environment provides the basic switching functions, Fabric Connectivity Services, Fabric Management Services, Fabric Application Services, and support that improve manageability, availability, security, and scalability while enabling new types of applications. These services help evolve the network into an intelligent SAN fabric-a more robust interconnectivity solution that integrates data transport with application services-increasing operational efficiencies and extending the value of the SAN fabric.


Brocade Switches The Brocade® 300 and Brocade® 5300 switch models are enhancements to a growing family of products that leverage the next-generation architecture and services to extend the SAN environment, providing high-performance and cost-effective storage networking capabilities.

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Fabric Watch

Fabric Watch Fabric Watch is a robust fabric health monitoring service for mission-critical Storage Area Network SAN fabrics. Fabric Watch enables network managers to:

  • Track numerous fabric and switch elements
  • Receive automatic event notifications
  • Quickly identify and isolate faults
  • Monitor and optimize fabric-wide performance

For more information, download the Fabric Watch Datasheet (PDF)

HBAHigh-Performance Cost Effective HBAs

SGI offers a wide variety of SAS and FC HBAs in configurations of PCIE host interfaces. Offering high-performance, the low cost HBA's accommodate both SAS and SATA needs. The Fibre Channel technology constructs the storage area networks (SANs), which are available in four and eight port options with internal and external connector configurations to support any applications. SGI's 4 and 8 Gbps FC HBAs are available in single, dual and quad-channel configurations.

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RAIDHigh-Performance Cost Effective RAID Cards

SGI offers a wide variety of 6Gbps SATA and SAS controller cards. The 6Gbps SATA + SAS RAID controller cards deliver significant performance improvements for both 3Gbps and 6Gbps systems. The full SATA + SAS RAID line up includes 6Gbps products ranging from entry to full-feature in a variety of internal and external connector configurations these cards deliver. Cost effective, high-performance and high-capacity storage solutions for a broad range of applications.

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