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High-performance computing (HPC) and the closely related field of Big Data analytics are rapidly becoming a competitive business necessity far beyond their laboratory-based heritage. Organizations in all market sectors - both research and commercial - are now treating the ability to optimize the data-to-value cycle as a core competency which is in turn fueling a desire to acquire, refine and preserve data for both near term and future value mining activities.

SGI has a legacy of leadership in both designing and delivering enterprise-class storage in support of some of the most demanding compute environments in the world. Lustre has emerged as the dominant storage solution for HPC - and it is rapidly gaining interest from users of both Hadoop and shared memory environments as the storage foundation of high-performance analytics environments that can leverage multiple classes of data analysis techniques.

SGI's Lustre-based family of products includes world-class Lustre software, high-performance storage hardware and the SGI DMF for Lustre storage virtualization platform which can extend Lustre systems to almost limitless levels of capacity while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). The result is a range of Lustre-based storage solutions that provide the HPC community's highest levels of scalability, performance and reliability.

Intel® Enterprise Edition
for Lustre
High-performance Parallel File System
Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software unleashes the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system for HPC workloads, including the types of technical 'big data' applications.
SGI® DMF™ for Lustre Extending Lustre with policy-based tier virtualization
With direct integration between Lustre and SGI DMF, Lustre environments can now take advantage of virtually limitless multi-tier storage capacity to extend their primary Lustre storage to a broader data management fabric.