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SGI® DMF™ for Lustre®

Extending Lustre with Policy-based Tier Virtualization

Building on SGI's multi-decade strength as a leader in tiered data management solutions, SGI DMF for Lustre allows organizations to expand their use of Lustre file systems to include long term data storage in addition to being the file system of choice for high performance data access within cluster compute environments.

With DMF for Lustre, active data is always available on the fastest tier of Lustre storage (OST) while tunable policies allow the SGI solution to automatically migrate data to and from additional tiers of storage that can include lower cost disk, public and private cloud and even robotic tape libraries. The result is a system where all data is online and available for access at all times - but where storage costs are managed and minimized based on the organization's objectives and data usage patterns.

SGI's DMF supports storage tiers that can include Storage Area Network (SAN) arrays and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices from a broad range of open systems suppliers. Object-based and cloud storage with the Amazon S3 interface are also supported - and SGI has created native DMF storage connectors for the Scality RING private cloud environment. Additionally, DMF includes rich integration capabilities with a wide array of library-based tape devices that can deliver outstanding price per terabyte levels for less active "dark data" while also maintaining the data in a ready-for-access state.


When used in conjunction with a high-performance Lustre storage environment, SGI DMF for Lustre can deliver real and measurable benefits that directly impact the datacenter storage TCO. Core benefits most commonly associated with the solution include:

  • Storage Cost Reduction: DMF enables the intelligent blending of low-cost high-capacity storage with the more expensive high-performance storage typically used within HPC environments. In high capacity storage environments, the DMF-based approach can yield an 80% decrease in the cost of raw capacity when compared to scaling out capacity using traditional Tier-1 disk. Additionally, by implementing an appropriate blend of high-performance and high-capacity storage, organizations can meet these cost savings objectives while also meeting target storage service levels.
  • Improved Storage Utilization: DMF for Lustre uses policy-based intelligence to dynamically locate data on the storage tier that is most appropriate at any given time for each piece of data under management. The result is a massively scalable storage solution that minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving the overall ROI of the HPC solution. Simply put, it allows higher tiers of storage to dynamically be used for high-performance operations while lower tiers are leveraged for efficient capacity utilization.
  • Simplified Management: Because DMF or Lustre incorporates a policy-based data migration engine and sophisticated parallel data mover technology, the system eliminates the need for manual system management in order to obtain maximum system performance and capacity utilization. Additionally, because the system is able to incorporate many tiers of storage with individual performance, capacity and cost characteristics - administrators have tremendous flexibility to tune (and re-tune over time) the behavior of the system to precisely meet both performance and budget requirements.

Key Features

Extend the power of Lustre by enabling virtual limitless scalability and tunable data access performance.

  • Built on SGI DMF - an industry-proven storage tier virtualization platform with over two decades of production deployments in HPC environments
  • Virtually limitless storage capacity and scalable I/O capabilities
  • Provides certified adapters for numerous storage tiers that can include SSD, disk, RAID, SAN, object store, private cloud, public cloud and library-based tape
  • Centralized management and reporting interface for management simplicity
  • Infrastructure that allows for the ongoing integration of new storage tiers with no disruption to production environments
  • Ability to migrate massive amounts of data between storage tiers while providing seamless data availability for users
  • Rigorously tested , stable software suitable for use in multiple industries
  • Global 24/7 technical support