SGI Modular InfiniteStorage



Key Features

  • Flexible Configuration Choices

  • Scalability, with extreme storage and processing density

  • Simplified Deployment & Serviceability

SGI® Modular InfiniteStorage™

The SGI Modular InfiniteStorage platform is an integrated server and storage system designed to provide extreme flexibility with industry-leading density in an innovative, adaptable design. SGI engineers have incorporated breakthrough modular hardware innovations, leveraging SGI's experience in building some of the world's most powerful compute platforms, to give SGI Modular InfiniteStorage the industry's widest range of functional compute and storage scalability within the same base platform.

SGI Modular InfiniteStorage platform is available in two base configurations:

Together, the SGI Modular InfiniteStorage system enables finely-tuned solutions for Cloud and other storage customers who need the maximum flexibility for compute and data management applications. This enables IT organizations to confidently make purchase decisions today, knowing that the platform can be readily adapted and scaled to changing business needs tomorrow.

Form meets function in SGI Modular InfiniteStorage, with an innovative chassis architecture designed to adapt to the real-world demands of today's data centers. Extreme density is achieved with the introduction of modular drive bricks that can be loaded with either nine 3.5 inch SAS or SATA drives, or 18 2.5 inch SAS or SSD drives.

SGI Modular InfiniteStorage provides scalable compute capability, performance and capacity to meet the needs of today's IT environments in a very cost-effective solution. With support for Microsoft Windows and VMware, as well as multiple Linux® distributions, SGI Modular InfiniteStorage provides a powerful and flexible solution for a wide variety of shared server and storage applications today, with the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs tomorrow.