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SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 17500


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SGI InfiniteStorage 17500 is the newest addition to the InfiniteStorage family, which delivers unprecedented IOPS and bandwidth performance with highly efficient capacity management to provide the foundation for the next generation of data intensive applications sets. Big Data is here and it's unruly. Capacity and performance requirements are exploding and increasingly more difficult to predict. Data patterns have changed, requiring new, massive multi-threaded storage processing capabilities designed for today's multi-core, multi-application sets. Innovative, award winning and proven in the world's largest and most demanding production environments, SGI IS17500 with Storage Fusion Architecture utilizes the most advanced processor technology, busses and memory with an optimized RAID engine and sophisticated data management algorithms. IS17500 is purpose-built to simplify and tame big data growth, enabling you to architect and scale your environment more intelligently, efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.

IS17500 Storage Highlights
The InfiniteStorage 17500 fuses the best parts of today's advanced processor technology, busses and memory architecture with an optimized RAID engine and data management algorithms.

These are tightly integrated to derive peak performance out of a massive IO infrastructure and multi-media disk drives to maximize system performance and lower storage investment costs. The fusion of unprecedented levels of bandwidth and IOPS enable this system to serve as the storage foundation for any extreme storage application set.

Business Advantages

  • Industry Leading Performance & Capacity significantly reduces capital and operational expenses with fewer systems to purchase and manage
  • Reduces Energy Consumption by 50% eliminating unnecessary storage enclosures, switches, fans and power supplies
  • Lower Overall TCO by 50%, reduced floorspace, power and cooling requirements

Technical Advantages

  • Balanced Storage Performance for both highly transactional and high-bandwidth applications
  • ReACT™ Intelligent Cache Management optimizes writes in real-time: sequential data goes directly to disk media while small, random IO utilizes extremely fast cache
  • Read I/O Quality of Service, read I/O doesn't suffer due to a single, unresponsive disk
  • DirectProtect™ Real-Time Error Detection & Correction increases data resiliency and reliability with little performance impact
  • Unparalleled Back-end SSD Support fully utilizes SSDs for unprecedented levels of sustained random IOPS
  • Journaled Drive Rebuilds reduces rebuild times by only requiring new/changed blocks to be written to recoverable drives

Feature Set

Data Management Cache Mirroring & Coherence, Cache Battery Protection, SATAssure Data Integrity Protection
RAID Levels RAID 1, 5, 6
Drive Support SATA, SAS, SSD (mixing within drive enclosures is allowed)
Throughput (block) 48GB/s
IOPs (block) 1,700,000 (cache), 1,400,000 (disk)