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SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5000


Modular Flexibility

12-Bay Enclosure:
2U 3.5-in Drives

24-Bay Enclosure:
2U 2.5-in Drives

60-Bay Enclosure:
4U 2.5-in & 3.5 Drives

SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 (IS5000) is an affordable high performance solution that offers the maximum on flexibility for data storage environments. The system provides customers with improved performance and scalability, multi-protocol host connectivity, flexible drive support, and advanced energy saving and data security features.

Delivering a balanced mix of IOPS and throughput, IS5000 provides sustainable performance that can support any workload. Data-intensive bandwidth applications benefit from the IS5000's ability to sustain high read and write throughput, while database-driven transactional applications benefit from its respon- siveness and linear scalability.

Modular Flexibility
Understanding that each site is different, the IS5000 offers multiple drive technologies and enclosure options to meet requirements. Its 24-drive enclosure maximizes performance per U while minimizing power consumption. For capacity-hungry environments, the 60-drive enclosure maximizes rack density with support for up to 120TB in just 4U. Each enclosure supports intermixing SSD, high-performance SAS, and NL-SAS drives, enabling the IS5000 to cost effectively match data to its optimal drive type.

IS5000, with SGI DMF software, is an ideal primary or secondary tier storage solution for tiered virtualization implementations. It is also ideal as a front-end for active archive architectures using an SGI® COPAN™ MAID solution on the backend.

Lower Costs Through Adaptability and Choice
With two native 6 Gb/s SAS host interfaces, IS5000 can support an additional host interface card (HIC) with two additional 6 Gb/s SAS or four 8 Gb/s FC host ports. This flexible and multi-protocol approach allows organizations to choose the right configuration for their DAS or SAN deployments. IS5000 cost-effectively satisfies an organization's complete range of data capacity requirements with high performance and near-line 6 Gb/s 3.5 and 2.5 inch SAS drives and 3.5 inch SSDs-all within a single storage system.

Simplified Storage Management
IS5000 storage management software combines the ease of use with the power and features needed by storage administrators. IS4000 and IS5000 series products can be managed from a common user interface. Full-time storage administrators appreciate the extensive configuration flexibility that allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement, and part-time system administrators love the intuitive interface and wizards designed to simplify their tasks.

Two Versions of the Platform
IS5000 & IS5000-SP — The platform comes in the base IS5000 Custom line, with especially tuned firmware intended for SGI high-performance compute environments. With the addition of the IS5000-SP version of the platform, it now also comes generic firmware, and is ideal for customers integrating the platform into heterogeneous environments with products from other vendors.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP line includes RAID-based configurations with comprehensive interconnect support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and SAS. They are application-ready for the Oracle Database, VMWare, and Microsoft enterprise software including: SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. The -SP line offer heterogeneous support with the flexibility to tightly integrate with SGI compute line environments, to operate as standalone storage, as well as integrating with other OEM compute lines such as IBM, Sun, DELL, and HP.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP solutions address the requirements of the most cost-conscious small businesses up to the most demanding data-intensive enterprise environments. With support for all common operating systems including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple Mac OS X and SGI InfiniteStorage products can be deployed to any open systems environment.

Administration Tools
Administrators can choose the mix of features to best meet their data management requirements, features include:

  • Storage Partitions - 2 standard, with upgrade to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128
  • Snapshots - Instantaneously create up to 16 capacity-efficient, point-in-time images per volume, up to 256 images per system
  • Volume Copy - Create up to 511 clones within a storage system, up to 8 copy processes occurring simultaneously
  • Remote Volume Mirroring - Supports up to 16 mirrored pairs over Fibre Channel (FC) host ports, providing replication to other IS5000 and IS4000 series systems. Features multiple mirroring modes, dynamic mode switching, suspend/resume, secondary volume access and cross-mirroring

Enterprise Storage Management
Value-add plug-ins to help manage data as well as data environments.