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SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600


Modular Flexibility

12-Bay Enclosure:
2U 3.5-in Drives

24-Bay Enclosure:
2U 2.5-in Drives

60-Bay Enclosure:
4U 2.5-in & 3.5 Drives

SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600 is suited for high performance computing environment with doubling the controller bandwidth performance over IS5500 to achieve industry-leading price performance numbers.

Leveraging field-proven modular architecture, the SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 (IS5600) delivers industry-leading performance per spindle¹, meaning customers can achieve extreme performance requirements while reducing their total investment in hardware.

Building on the SGI InfiniteStorage 5000-series modular architecture, the new IS5600 controller adds significantly increased performance. The architecture is also flexible, such that customers can tune the systems to their specific performance and capacity requirements. In data-intensive industries such as manufacturing,ia, life sciences and earth sciences, such performance and efficiency are key requirements that the IS5600 is designed to satisfy.

Storage platforms in today's IT environments need to reliably house data and have the modular flexibility and performance choices to tightly match application and solutions needs. To enable the maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications, the IS5600 can intermix multiple drive types and enclosure densities, ranging from 4TB high capacity drives to extreme performance SSDs, in a single, scalable system. The result is a storage infrastructure that provides significantly increased density, more bandwidth and best-in-class performance efficiency.

The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 has produced a new SPC-2 Result² with the highest throughput per spindle -- 2.5 times over the nearest competitive published result³. This result confirms the performance and cost-efficiency of the new platform, and showcases the performance possibilities that the IS5600 unlocks for HPC and Big Data organizations.

Configuration Options
IS5600-SGI tuned & IS5600-standard — The platform comes in the base IS5600 SGI tuned, with especially tuned firmware intended for SGI high-performance compute environments.

In addition, the IS5600-standard version of the platform comes with generic firmware, and is ideal for customers integrating the platform into heterogeneous environments. The IS5600 line offers heterogeneous support with the flexibility to tightly integrate with SGI compute environments, to operate as standalone storage, as well as integrating with other non-SGI compute environments.

IS5600, with SGI DMF software, is an ideal primary or secondary tier storage solution for tiered virtualization implementations.

The new IS5600 supports dual-ported SSD drives and has an intelligent SSD Cache option to further enhance the balanced performance from the system.

In addition to many RAID protection options, Dynamic Disk Pools quickly recover from failed drives, simplify management, and can be more efficient than traditional RAID.

This versatility extends to the platform itself: The IS5600 offers choice of host interface cards: 16Gb FC or 6Gb SAS. Combined with the interface and three drive enclosure options, IS5600 can support up to 384† high performance and nearline SAS drives, self-encrypting drives (SEDs), and solid state disk (SSDs). All of the drive types and enclosures can be intermixed in a single system. The IS5600 supports multiple expansion enclosure types to support this growth, and to provide great flexibility in building a system. All drive enclosures can also be intermixed in a IS5600 system. In addition to the 12-bay 3.5" and 24-bay 2.5" enclosures, the IS5600 controllers can also be housed within the ultra-dense 4U 60-drive enclosures, which can be expanded to support up to 384† drives. This system is purpose-built for capacity-intensive environments requiring optimal space utilization and reduced power/cooling requirements. By combining dense storage capabilities and intelligent design, the 60-bay enclosure can provide up to 60TB per rack unit, reducing rack space up to 60%,while also lower power and cooling requirements.

New: Flash Array
The IS5600 Hyper-Speed Flash Array continues SGI's long-standing heritage of delivering powerful solutions to meet unique business needs. Designed specifically for customers with high-speed, transactional applications that demand high IOPS and low latency, the IS5600 Hyper-Speed Flash Array delivers over 400,000 sustained IOPS and submillisecond response times.

Dynamic Disk Pools
As drive capacities continue to grow, it takes longer and longer to perform a rebuild when drives fail. The IS5600's performance, efficiency and scalability architecture minimizes the performance impact of a drive failure and returns the system to optimal condition faster than traditional RAID. This unique combination enables a significant improvement in computational efficiency and allows the IS5600 to maintain a high level of performance even under drive failure conditions.

Reduced Footprint
Today's storage must keep up with continuous growth and meet exploding capacity requirements. The IS5600 is purpose-built for capacity-intensive environments requiring optimal space utilization and reduced power/cooling requirements. The ultra-dense 60-drive 4U disk shelf provides dense storage capacity in a serviceable and high performance system. In addition to reducing the footprint by up to 60% over leading competitors, high-efficiency power supplies and intelligent design lower power and cooling requirements, (both 40%+ savings) saving money.

Reliability and Uptime
IS5600 is based on a field-proven 7th generation architecture designed to provide continuous access to data with its redundant hot-swappable components, automated path failover, and online administration. Proactive drive monitoring, a highly serviceable design, and SGI's worldwide support with AutoSupport tracking options enhance the serviceability and prevent downtime.

Enterprise Storage Management
Value-add plug-ins to help manage data as well as data environments.

For more information on the SPC-2 benchmark result, please visit the results pages on:

¹ "throughput per spindle" is defined by SGI as SPC-2 MBPS divided by the number of storage devices in the SPC-2 configuration.

² SPC-2 benchmark results:

³ SGI nearest competitive published result and comparisons:

Results with SPC “Accepted” status as of January 2011 and priced under $500,000”.

Date current as of March 1, 2013.

Tested Storage Product SPC-2 MBPS / Spindle * SPC-2 MBPS™ Number of Spindles
B00065 - SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 73.80 8,855.70 120
B00058 - Sun ZFS Storage 7420 27.87 10,703.69 384
B00052 - IBM Storwize V7000 26.11 3,132.87 120
B00055 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 22.57 2,685.50 119
B00057 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 S2 19.96 5,768.04 289

*SPC-2 MBPS/Spindle as computed by NetApp = (SPC-2 MBPS / # of spindles in TSP)