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Key Features

  • Flexible Configuration Choices

  • Scalability, with extreme storage and processing density

  • Simplified Deployment & Serviceability

Modular Drive Brick

SGI® Modular InfiniteStorage™ Server

High Density Storage and Four Intel® Xeon® Multi-core Processors in a Single Chassis

SGI Modular InfiniteStorage Server (SGI MIS Server) is a high-density integrated storage server platform, designed for maximum flexibility in its capability to be configured to customer requirements and cost effectively scaling compute capability, performance and capacity to meet the needs of today's data environments.

Industry Leading Density

As a modular storage server designed for customer applications that require a tight coupling of data storage and compute resources, SGI MIS Server delivers industry-leading density by packaging up to two server motherboards together with up to 72 3.5" SAS or SSD drives within a single 4U, chassis. Each of the two compute engines in SGI MIS Server provides dual socket capability which are populated from the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family.

Modular Flexibility

This adaptability to specific storage and processing requirements means that customers are able to find the right balance between cost and performance in a modular, scalable platform that is designed to grow as business requirements change.

SGI MIS Server can leverage even greater density by adding one or more SGI MIS JBOD expansion chassis, each of which can be configured with up to 81 3.5" or 2.5" drives for up to 324TB in 4U. When combined with SGI's 19" D-Rack, or other standard rack, up to 3.2PB of capacity and up to forty discrete high-performance processors can be supplied within a single 19" rack footprint. This density enables IT organizations to reclaim valuable floor space and reduce power and cooling costs.

SGI MIS Server is designed for maximum serviceability with hot pluggable and redundant components. With MIS V1.5, server assemblies can be added and services non-disruptively, without impacting the other server within the same enclosre. Through an innovative rail design, the chassis can be accessed from the front or rear, enabling drives and other components to be non-disruptively replaced. This simple feature not only makes the system much easier to service, but it significantly reduces the strain on cables and connectors that is a frequent source of fragility in other large systems that require heavy trays to be pulled out entirely to access individual components.

SGI MIS Server is a solution that enables customers to have exactly the system they need today, with the ability to scale and adapt it to where their business takes them tomorrow.