InfiniteStorage Management Software
SGI® DMF™ Storage Tier Virtualization
Creates and automatically manages a tiered virtual storage environment that can significantly reduce equipment and operating costs, improve service levels and lower risks. DMF continuously monitors and automatically migrates data among storage assets with different cost and performance characteristics.
SGI® Trusted Edge® Intelligent Data Analysis & Automated, Policy-based Content Migration
Simple-to-install, user-friendly intelligent content analysis and policy-based migration management tool for automatically moving less active, forever-read data from primary storage to a more cost-effective StorHouse data management system.
SGI® CXFS™ Shared Filesystem
Provides instant data access and sharing among systems on a SAN, without network mounts or copies. By eliminating network data overhead, latencies and copies, CXFS enables workflow to complete up to 80% faster, while reducing administration overhead, speeding backups and reducing disk needed.
SGI® LiveArc™ Digital Asset Management Suite
An application environment for managing all types of digital assets with complete flexibility and extreme scalability. Built on an extensible services-oriented architecture, LiveArc provides a multi-versioned asset management and revision control system with workflow and web serving in a single package. SGI LiveArc AE is the "Appliance Edition" of SGI LiveArc and includes a powerful suite of tools to search, protect and manage data in the SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway.
SGI® StorHouse® Storage Virtualization & Data Management for Relational and File-based Data
High-volume, storage virtualization and data management solutions to facilitate information lifecycle management processes for applications such as digital preservation, database extension, native file format backup, and active archives of relational and file-based data.
SGI® XFS® Filesystem
The filesystem for SGI systems, XFS provides full 64-bit file capabilities that scale easily to handle extremely large files and filesystems. The XFS filesystem integrates volume management, guaranteed rate I/O, and journaling technology for fast, reliable recovery.
SGI® XVM® Volume Management
Integrated in SGI InfiniteStorage Filesystem XFS. The XFS file system integrates volume management, the guaranteed rate I/O, and journaling technology for fast, reliable recovery. File systems can be backed up while still in use, significantly reducing administrative overhead.