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SGI InfiniteStorage Software

SGI InfiniteStorage Software solutions combined with industry-leading hardware platforms provide a rich selection of data management choices for any IT environment. Born out of the extreme scale and performance of technical computing environments, has the expertise and experience to reduce cost and complexity while keeping up with performance and scale.

Intelligent Data Management - Manage Data, Not Just Storage

SGI® DMF™ High-performance Storage Tier Virtualization
DMF is the core policy-based engine that virtualizes multiple storage technologies into an extended high-performance data management fabric. Proven in some of the world's most demanding technical computing environments, DMF enables IT managers to break down storage silos to provide easier and more cost-effective management of both high-performance requirements and long term data into a single, manageable fabric.
Mediaflux® Rich Data Management Suite
Mediaflux is a powerful data and metadata management suite that enable data discovery and secure workflows across different data and storage types and multi-site distributed environments.

Lustre Suite - Solutions for High Performance Parallel Environments

Intel® Enterprise Edition
for Lustre
High-performance Parallel File System
Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software unleashes the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system for HPC workloads, including the types of technical 'big data' applications.
SGI® DMF™ for Lustre Extending Lustre with policy-based tier virtualization
With direct integration between Lustre and SGI DMF, Lustre environments can now take advantage of virtually limitless multi-tier storage capacity to extend their primary Lustre storage to a broader data management fabric.

XFS Suite - Cluster-ready Scale-Up File System

SGI® XFS® Filesystem
The filesystem for SGI systems, XFS provides full 64-bit file capabilities that scale easily to handle extremely large files and filesystems. The XFS filesystem integrates volume management, guaranteed rate I/O, and journaling technology for fast, reliable recovery.
SGI® XVM® Volume Management
SGI's XVM Volume Manager provides a logical organization to disk storage that enables an administrator to combine underlying physical storage devices into a single logical unit, known as a logical volume. XVM is integrated with SGI InfiniteStorage Filesystem XFS and CXFS.
SGI® CXFS™ Scale-up Shared Filesystem
Provides instant data access and sharing among systems on a SAN, without network mounts or copies. By eliminating network data overhead, latencies and copies, CXFS enables workflow to complete up to 80% faster, while reducing administration overhead, speeding backups and reducing disk needed.