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SGI® InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS


   Datasheet (PDF)

Currently in its fourth generation, CXFS provides no-compromise data sharing, enhanced workflow, and reduced costs in data-intensive environments. As the industry's fastest shared filesystem for storage area networks (SANs), it eliminates file duplication and the time it takes to move large files over networks. CXFS significantly boosts productivity where large files are shared by multiple processes in a workflow. CXFS, data-intensive projects take less time to complete at less cost and are easier to manage.

How it Works
A SAN provides direct, high-speed physical connections between multiple hosts and disk storage. CXFS provides the software infrastructure to allow simultaneous shared access to that storage--large files are shared, not moved, and all systems have direct access to all data. Bottlenecks caused by slow, congested networks or overloaded file servers are gone, so servers can take advantage of the full bandwidth of the SAN to read and write data directly to and from the disks where it resides.

Benefits for Performance and Scalability
Because it uses a SAN infrastructure, CXFS can deliver much greater I/O performance and bandwidth than any network data-sharing mechanism, such as NFS or CIFS. Based on the industry-leading XFS® filesystem, CXFS benefits from field proven and feature rich capabilities such as:

  • 64-bit scalability that supports file sizes up to 9 million terabytes, filesystems to 18 million terabytes
  • Instant data sharing without network mounts or data copies among all major operating systems
  • Highly optimized distributed buffering techniques that provide the industry's fastest performance
  • High availability with automatic failure detection and recovery
  • Centralized, intuitive Java™ language-based management tools
  • POSIX® compliance that requires no application change

XFS is the next-generation filesystem for SGI® systems, from desktop workstations to supercomputers. XFS provides full 64-bit file capabilities that scale easily to handle extremely large files and filesystems that grow to exabytes. [more]