SGI LiveArc AE

SGI LiveArc AE is the "Appliance Edition" of SGI LiveArc and includes a powerful suite of tools to search, protect and manage data in the SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway.

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LiveArc Digital Asset Management Platform
LiveArc is an application environment for managing all types of digital assets in complete flexibility and extreme scalability, ranging from single user environments to widely distributed remote collaborations. LiveArc enables the concept of a true ‘living archive' for all digital content in virtually any workflow.

Extensible Architecture
Built on an extensible services-oriented architecture, LiveArc provides a multi-versioned asset management and revision control system, with workflow and web serving in a single package. Not only does this simplify operation and administration, this flexibility enables LiveArc to support the integration of legacy applications and metadata types, and to easily evolve as workflow requirements grow. This allows LiveArc to act as a common interface, bridging multiple legacy environments and overcoming incompatible data silos, without the need to discard current applications or infrastructure.

Tight Integration with DMF
LiveArc is tightly integrated with SGI's DMF tier virtualization solution, which provides users seamless online visibility to multiple types of disk and tape-based storage in a virtualized data pool. Adding LiveArc's ability to federate across multiple different data repositories in parallel gives the platform a virtually limitless ability to scale in both data volume and file count.

Maximum Flexibility
LiveArc eliminates the need to develop most application independent infrastructure allowing resources to be concentrated on application specific aspects such as business logic and user interfaces instead.

All digital asset management applications, whether they are desktop or web-based, can be unified on a common platform, maximizing reuse and interoperability. Industry standards, such as XML and HTTP enable business-to-business integration and exchange. LiveArc supports the integration of legacy applications ensuring common interfaces to all digital assets without needing to discard current applications.

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Product Availability
LiveArc is a result of a development partnership between SGI and Arcitecta Pty Ltd of Australia, and is sold with SGI InfiniteStorage solutions. SGI has deployed LiveArc in media, science and research institutions, government, and academia in the Asia Pacific region under the name Mediaflux™. LiveArc is now available worldwide exclusively from SGI, through SGI Professional Services.

Mediaflux is a trademark of Arcitecta Pty Limited in Australia