What is LiveArc AE?

A browser-based suite of modules to search, manage and protect data within SGI® DMF™-managed storage fabrics.

LiveArc AE provides a window into the data stores, and includes a powerful suite of tools to search, protect and manage data in the InfiniteStorage Gateway.

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SGI® LiveArc AE™

Intelligent Data Management Tools Built into SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway

SGI LiveArc AE is the "Appliance Edition" of SGI LiveArc, a powerful metadata management framework that SGI has deployed in some of the world's most demanding data management environments. LiveArc AE packages key LiveArc functions as modules in an embedded application layer in SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway, offering both users and admins direct control over the data with much richer capabilities than standard file system tools provide.

As files are moved to InfiniteStorage Gateway, LiveArc AE automatically indexes file metadata and content. This provides administrators with a global, searchable view of all data via a browser-based GUI.

For users, LiveArc AE provides the ability to locate archived data quickly using fast, free-text queries to find and preview files without needed to actually access the data. While conventional file system access is always available, with LiveArc AE users and IT administrators now have an intelligent tool that can manage files with their metadata, dramatically increasing response time, and minimizing unnecessary data movement.

LiveArc AE enables a modular approach to data management tools, with each function being available if it is needed. Rather than require you to buy features you don't need, with LiveArc AE you get only the modules that are important to you now. Incremental functions can be added at a later time when or if they are needed.

Base Module:
Standard Search

The base module of LiveArc AE is included by default in SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway. With it, the system will automatically index all data as it is ingested, making it immediately searchable by standard file system attributes.

The Base Module includes system management utilities, such as being able to select which functions, and even which data users have permissions for. For example, if a user tries to search for data that he is not entitled to see, the query will return no result.

Replication/Federation Module:
Extending the Storage Fabric

The optional Rep/Fed Module enables file-level replication and/or federation to remote ISG/DMF installations. This can be implemented based on policy or query, automatically or manual, and en masse or selectively.

Data encryption, compression, and integrity checks are performed in transit, with file-level de-duplication to reduce bandwidth.

WORM Module:
Extra Tools to Protect the Data

With the optional WORM Module, LiveArc AE delivers Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality by enabling conditional access to perform file changes and deletion. Data retention periods can be assigned. User views and access can be limited based on login. Version history and audit trails can also be captured.