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Flash Options for All Conditions
As a relatively new storage option, SSDs have been called game changing by many storage pundits. Whether flash storage ever completely replaces spinning disks remains to be seen, and regardless is a long way out. In the mean time, SGI offers the best combination of flash, spinning disk, MAID, and tape technology.

Adopting flash as a storage medium is attractive for many reasons. Performance, density of performance, storage density, as well power and cooling savings can all be factors in choosing flash over spinning disk. For customers that will derive substantial benefit to their application from flash storage, there are cases where even the most expensive High performance Enterprise Class SSD will make economic sense from a density or $/IOPs perspective.

SGI offers a variety of SSDs for sale in its server, JBOD and RAID platforms.

When considering SSDs as an option it is very important to understand the workload and determine which SSD will be the best fit for your business.

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