Solid State Disk Solutions

SGI Options

The current product portfolio breaks down as follows:

Client+ SSDs should be considered for boot drive or for other workloads without a lot of writing. However, these SSDs do have enterprise features, such as redundant flash and power loss protection. SGI cannot guarantee the longevity of an SSD without write throttling; therefore wear out due to flash exhaustion will not be covered by the warranty on drives without write throttle. The flip-side of that is that SSDs with write throttling may suffer a loss of write performance if over-used. Using the "smartctl" command and/or "smartd", users can monitor the life of their drive, to manage the drive and keep track of flash life remaining.

  • 80GB MLC 2.5" - 10TB endurance
  • 120GB MLC 2.5"- 15TB endurance
  • 160GB MLC 2.5" - 15TB endurance
  • 300GB MLC 2.5" - 30TB endurance
  • 600GB MLC 2.5" - 60TB endurance
  • 120GB MLC 2.5" - 100TB endurance; compression; write throttle; 6 Gb SATA
  • 240GB MLC 2.5" - 400TB endurance; compression; write throttle; 6 Gb SATA
  • 480GB MLC 2.5" - 900TB endurance (8K writes); compression; write throttle; 6Gb SATA

This class of SSD traditionally has higher over-provisioning to increase write performance and endurance at a cost of capacity. They also have temperature sensors to help flag environmental conditions that would affect SSD reliability.

  • 200GB MLC 2.5" - 1800TB endurance; write throttle; compression; 6Gb SATA
  • 400GB MLC 2.5" - 4400TB endurance (8K); write throttle compression; 6Gb SATA
  • 200GB MLC 2.5" - 3600TB endurance (8K); 6Gb SAS
  • 8GB DRAM 3.5" - unlimited endurance; 6Gb SAS; intended as log device