SGI® StorHouse®  &  SGI® Trusted Edge®

Our innovative products give customers data assurance and access at the lowest cost per terabyte of storage. As the volume of electronic information continues to grow, customer performance demands intensify, and/or regulatory and compliance requirements become more stringent, our highly skilled research and development, management, and support teams work together to proactively address new customer expectations and ever-changing business requirements.


For Big Data storage, SGI provides StorHouse high-volume, storage virtualization and data management solutions to facilitate information lifecycle management processes for applications such as digital preservation, database extension, native file format backup, and active archives of relational and file-based data.

StorHouse benefits include:

  • Preserving investments in existing technology
  • Automatically validating and repairing content to ensure data integrity
  • Scaling storage capacity and number of files to petabytes and beyond with no performance degradation
  • Dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership associated with storing and managing very large volumes of detail data
  • Providing a centralized relational and file-based data repository accessible by diverse platforms and applications across the enterprise

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Trusted Edge

Trusted Edge is a simple-to-install, user-friendly intelligent content analysis and policy-based migration management tool for automatically moving less active, forever-read data from primary storage to a more cost-effective StorHouse data management system.

Trusted Edge benefits include:

  • Capability to profile data on higher priced primary storage to analyze access patterns and which applications are generating data and driving storage capacity
  • Ability to develop migration profiles based on data analysis results to determine the storage options that make the most sense for a given environment from a cost/performance perspective
  • Seamless integration with primary storage when migrating data to StorHouse
  • End-to-end data assurance with complete data validation throughout the content lifecycle

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