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A Bright New Idea in Storage Management

The StorHouse software-based platform provides unmatched levels of data access and assurance - and the lowest cost per terabyte of storage in the industry. Learn about the key differentiators and benefits of this powerful platform.

At the heart of the powerful StorHouse solution is the CCi Management and Monitoring Environment. This web-based interface provides a single point of access for managing, tracking and reporting on the performance of large-scale StorHouse-based information storage systems located throughout the enterprise.

Leveraging its web-based architecture, CCi may be securely accessed from both inside and outside of the firewall enabling anywhere/anytime management capability for the SGI platform - and a broad array of automated monitoring agents help ensure seamless access to terabytes or petabytes of information for both applications and users.

Key features of CCi include:

CCi iPhone Interface

  • Single-point of management and reporting for all StorHouse and RFS systems within the enterprise
  • Rich graphical access to system status with the ability to easily modify and optimize the StorHouse configuration
  • System managers can drill down to obtain detailed information the performance and storage characteristics of each system component
  • Users can configure individual monitoring and alert profiles - and automatic notifications are delivered to individuals or groups via standard SMTP-based e-mail
  • Detailed system diagnostic information may be collected at a granular level to enable rapid isolation and correction of system issues related to both hardware failure and software configuration
  • Realtime access to current configuration information supports capacity planning and accelerates system management
  • All StorHouse management functions are also enabled via a system command line interface (CLI) which facilitates the construction of sophisticated macros which can automate complex tasks