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A Bright New Idea in Storage Management

The StorHouse software-based platform provides unmatched levels of data access and assurance - and the lowest cost per terabyte of storage in the industry. Learn about the key differentiators and benefits of this powerful platform.

Relational Manager is comprehensive relational database management technology that stores, accesses, and manages historical relational data offloaded to StorHouse. It supports a full feature set that includes:

  • Optimized, direct, row-level, SQL access to very large volumes of detail data on any StorHouse-managed media, including tape, in a fully automated and virtualized data and storage environment
  • ODBC, SQL, and ESQL interfaces
  • High-speed FTP data load and unload utilities
  • Gateways to industry-leading, third-party database products that support federation
  • Patented partitioning that enables affordable scaling to multiple petabytes
  • Comprehensive EXPLAIN facility for analyzing query operation
  • Journaling and restore database utilities that protect metadata

Customers use Relational Manager with StorHouse for database extension and database archive applications. Once loaded into StorHouse, relational data becomes available to any application that can pass SQL-based queries to StorHouse databases. For example, Oracle data offloaded to StorHouse can be used in conjunction with offloaded DB2 or SQL Server data without the need to maintain multiple copies in different database formats. By virtue of this feature, StorHouse becomes a centralized, enterprise-wide atomic data mart, thus making all formats of detail data available to researchers, analysts, and other authorized users throughout the organization regardless of their operational platforms.