SGI® StorHouse®  &  SGI® Trusted Edge®

SGI is a full-service, award-wining company that provides comprehensive enterprise solutions in areas such as digital preservation, enterprise active archiving, email archiving, records management, database extension systems, desktop backup and recovery, virtualized storage initiatives, and native file format backups of terabytes to petabytes of data residing on operational systems. As a complement to DMF, our high performance tier virtualization solution, StorHouse and Trusted Edge products are deployed across diverse industry segments and government agencies worldwide.

Our products and solutions are both practical and forward-thinking.

  • Practical because they can easily be integrated into current IT infrastructures to preserve investments in existing technology
  • Forward-thinking because they have a built-in technology upgrade path for transparently adding new technology as it becomes available with no format conversions

The benefits of choosing SGI are a measurable ROI and an easier more efficient way to store, access, manage, classify, backup, and protect critical enterprise information for the long-term.