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Tape Libraries

Spectra Logic T50e


  • Less than 30 minutes to install, the installation on the T50e is intuitively comprehensive to configure
  • Easy direct-connect of Fibre Channel or SAS
  • 4U library can be rack mounted or used on a table top.
  • Scale from 10-50 slots, with 1-4 Half-Height LTO drives, or 1-2 Full-Height LTO drives, or a combination of up to 1 Full-Height LTO drive and 2 Half-Height drives, and up to four partitions
  • Consumes minimal power taking advantage of the library's full efficiency, while giving you greater control over your data center and budget.
  • Reduces the traditional tape management pain points with Media Lifecycle Management (MLM). MLM records +30 data points every time a tape is loaded, providing vital tape health statistics, and diagnostic information to manage your tape media throughout its life.
  • Compatible with every interface and major networking protocol and all major backup applications.
  • Can be shared with multiple servers and applications, allowing sites using two backup applications to use just one T50e.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy one-step encryption and backup process. BlueScale Encryption is a standard feature - letting you protect your data using federally-approved AES-256 encryption while backing up your data.
  • BlueScale Encryption is the only truly integrated encryption solution for data stored on tape, and lets you seamlessly and affordably add encryption to your backup strategy without changing any existing backup policies and requires no additional hardware or software.
  • Capacity on Demand (CoD) helps meet your demand for capacity instantaneously, efficiently, and cost-effectively to meet your growing data storage needs.
  • As little as five slots can be made available incrementally through key activation, on-demand and instantaneously Physical Characteristics
  • Provides an investment to your current features

Physical Characteristics

  • Tabletop unit: 7.3" H x 17.5" W x 31.6" D; 18.5 cm H x 44.4 cm W x 80.4 cm D
  • Rack-mounted (4U): 6.9" W x 17.5" W x 31.6" D; 17.4 cm H x 44.4 cm W x 80.4 cm D
  • Weight (4 Drives): 57.5 lbs; 26.1 kg

Power Requirements

  • 100-127 VAC/50/60 Hz; 4 amps per cord
  • 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 amps per cord

Upgrade Capacity and Performance

  • 10-50 slots
  • 1-4 half-height LTO drives
  • 1-2 full-height LTO drives
  • Up to four Shared Library Services (SLS) partitions

Capacity and Throughput

Drive Type Max Drives Max Slots/Tapes Max Capacity* Max Throughput*
LTO-5 4 50 150 TB 4.0 TB/hr
LTO-6 4 50 313 TB 5.8 TB/hr

* Uncompressed/compressed values

Interface Options

  • SCSI - 320 MB/s
  • SAS - 6 GB/s
  • Fibre Channel - 4 GB/s or 8 GB/s

Mean Cycles Between Failures

  • › 1,000,000