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Tape Libraries

Spectra Logic T950


  • Enterprise library which automates tape
  • Start with 100 tape slots and scale up to as many as 10,050 slots
  • Scale up to 120 LTO drives
  • Cascade up to eight frames with a single robotic mechanism, which increases reliability and lowers cost.

Features and Benefits
The T950 library's BlueScale environment is the library's core intelligence. It provides the intelligence in the T950's current innovation features as well as supporting new technologies as they evolve.

BlueScale Technology supports:

  • Hardware-based encryption through our LTO-6 and LTO-5 hardware and total key management, with no external hardware or software
  • Partitioning through Shared Library Services (SLS) without external hardware or software
  • Capacity on Demand (CoD), which lets you add capacity as you need it and when you need it, simply by logging onto the Spectra Logic Web site and requesting a key that you use to enable new slots
  • Hot-swap drives and controllers, redundant components, and high-density modular design
  • Guaranteed on-time support, including an assisted self-maintenance (ASM) option and AutoSupport
  • Compatible with all major operating systems, backup software packages, and standard data center racks
  • The T950 library supplies a one-step encryption and backup process, BlueScale Encryption-letting you protect your data using federally-approved AES-256 encryption while backing up your data. BlueScale Encryption is the only truly integrated encryption for data stored on tape
  • Affordably add encryption to your back up strategy, with no changes to back up policies and no additional hardware or software
  • Helps manage your tape media by giving you the tools to proactively detect potential media errors well before they happen.
  • Available only in Spectra Logic's T-Series libraries, the MLM - Media Lifecycle Management records 30 data points every time a tape is loaded, giving you vital statistical and diagnostic information that helps you proactively manage your tape media throughout its life.
  • Utilizes Certified Media and BlueScale interface together so you can manage, track and report all facets of tape usage from creation to retirement - all consolidated within the same application you use to manage the library

Physical Characteristics

  • 1 to 8 frames
  • Single frame dimensions: H 78.77 in, W 30.63 in, D 43.21 in (H 200.1 cm, W 77.8 cm, D 109.8 cm)
  • Weights:
    • Base Frame (no drives or media) - 800 lbs/362 kg
    • Drive Expansion Frame (no drives or media) - 750 lbs/340 kg
    • Media Expansion Frame (no media) - 700 lbs/317kg
    • Drive/Sled - 12 lbs/5 kg
    • TeraPack Case (with media) - 6 lbs/3 kg

Power Requirements

  • Input Power: 8.2-6.8 Amps (RMS) at 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (max config)
  • Heat Dissipation: 5,898 BTU/h (24 drives)


  • Frames: 1 to 8
  • Tape Slots: 100 to 10,050
  • Tape Drives: 2 to 120
Drive Type Max Drives Max Cartridges Max Capacity* Max Throughput*
One Frame
LTO-5 24 950 2.8 PB 24.1 TB/hr
LTO-6 24 950 5.6 PB 20.8 TB/hr
Eight Frames
LTO-5 120 10,050 30 PB 121 TB/hr
LTO-6 120 10,050 62 PB 173 TB/hr

* Values calculated using data compression

Interface Options

  • Fibre Channel - 4 GB/s or 8 GB/s

Mean Cycles Between Failures

  • 2,000,000