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Tiered Data Management


What is Tiered Data Management?

It's more than just storage, it's about an end-to-end strategy to help customers manage the full lifecycle of their data from creation and collection through processing, analysis and ongoing retention and compliance. It's about helping customers getting the most from their information assets by managing and automating the management of their data in the most cost effective and scalable way possible.

SGI Tiered Data Management Solutions

  • SGI® DMF™ - Software-defined Tiered Data Management Platform

    SGI's DMF provides a large-scale, storage virtualization and data management platform specifically engineered to manage and protect the petabytes of structured and unstructured fixed content generated by highly scalable and extremely dynamic high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics (HPDA) applications.

    DMF enables the intelligent blending of high-performance storage located close to the point of compute with cost-managed high capacity storage based on multiple technologies that can include power-managed SGI® DMF™ Zero Watt Storage™, object storage, cloud storage and library-based tape.

How does Tiered Data Management benefit customers?

  • Helping customers by simplifying:
    • Visualization: The visualization of data assets and access patterns
    • Policy: Set policies to optimize data placement and automating the execution of those policies
    • Performance: Visualization of machine performance to enable managing the balance between performance and capacity
    • Access: The ability at the user and administrator level to move data based upon authorized access
  • Automatically optimizing where data is stored - to reduce infrastructure costs and management overhead, minimize silos and thus maximize utilization.
  • Providing IT administrators the tools to pro-actively manage, secure and utilize data across multiple storage types and use cases.
  • Cost effectively managing performance requirements by leveraging a seamless data management fabric
  • Optimizing storage infrastructure and making informed choices about expansion

Why do SGI's Tiered Data Management solutions lead the industry?

Better performance and scale; more open; and a longer track record in data management than any other HPC vendor. Other vendors are focused on building archives, which often leads to separate silos and data fragmentation. SGI takes a much more holistic approach across the full data lifecycle - not just archival, but data management from creation to compliance. It's about optimizing data across multiple storage types, to support the world's most intense compute environments as well as long-term data protection and compliance.

Why SGI?

SGI and its customers have been at the forefront of solving the world's most difficult data management challenges for over 20 years.