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Tiered Data Management


The Industry's Leading All-in-one Data Management Platform

SGI DMF delivers the industry's leading large-scale, storage virtualization and data management solution. Specifically engineered to match the needs of highly scalable and extremely dynamic high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics (HPDA) applications, the DMF platform provides virtually limitless storage capacity and scalable I/O capabilities. It has been proven for more than two decades in some of the world's most demanding data environments.

The all-in-one DMF solution combines data management with archive and integrated backup capabilities. It helps customers cost-effectively manage their storage needs without limiting user access to data.

Automated data management transparently moves data from expensive high performance storage located close to the point of compute with cost-managed high capacity storage based on multiple technologies that can include object storage, cloud storage and library-based tape or power-managed SGI® DMF™ Zero Watt Storage™ (ZWS). The versatile SGI ZWS on-promise storage tier adds the highest levels of disk-based data access performance along with cost and power/cooling utilization that rivals traditional tape-while significantly outperforming cloud storage in both the cost and performance.

As such the DMF-approach can yield as much as an 80% decrease in the cost of capacity data storage when compared to scaling out capacity using traditional Tier-1 disk storage.

Holistic, policy-driven and centralized data management platform DMF provides a number of benefits:

  • Virtually limitless storage capacity and scalable I/O capabilities.
  • Ability to migrate massive amounts of data between storage tiers while providing seamless data availability for users.
  • Centralized user-friendly management and reporting interface for management simplicity and overhead reduction.
  • Flexible infrastructure that allows for the ongoing integration of new storage tiers with no disruption to production environments.
  • Provides certified adapters for numerous storage tiers that can include SSD, disk, RAID, SAN, object storage, private cloud, public cloud and library-based tape.
  • Enhanced business continuance through integrated backups, data replication, and multiple disaster recovery strategies that replace system vulnerability with strengthened confidence and data protection.
  • Rigorously tested, highly stable software solution suitable for use in multiple industries and with mission critical data sets.