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Tiered Data Management

Mediaflux® — Data + Metadata Management Platform

Mediaflux is a flexible data + metadata management software solution that virtualizes otherwise incompatible data stovepipes into a secure distributed collaboration environment.

Designed for extreme scale and flexibility, Mediaflux provides automated indexing of all content and metadata to enable global management of any type of structured and unstructured data on any storage system across multiple classification levels and locations, with no operational impact to existing infrastructures.

Optimize Storage to Reduce Costs, Increase Utilization
As new data sources come on line and volumes of data explode, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain secure global collaboration across diverse and often incompatible data types and storage environments. The problem is how to use data globally across different stovepipes of legacy and new data to detect trends, gain insights and make timely decisions, and to do so without impacting existing infrastructures.

Mediaflux breaks down otherwise incompatible data stovepipes to enable users and applications to rapidly find and use data no matter where it is. Since data typically lasts far longer than any hardware infrastructure or application, Mediaflux provides investment protection over the long term. This is done by non-disruptively virtualizing different storage technologies into a common management framework, without needing to migrate data. In this way, existing data and infrastructures can co-exist with new technology and use cases to future-proof access to the data without impacting current operations or needing to replace legacy systems.

Mediaflux automatically indexes metadata and data of any type and on any storage system to provide secure global access to all data across heterogeneous environments. Users and applications are able to spend their time getting value from their data, rather than getting bogged down in trying to find or access it. System architects are able to eliminate vendor lock-in by bridging legacy storage with new system in a seamless, globally accessible fabric.

Mediaflux Extends Functionality of DMF
At the infrastructure level, SGI DMF virtualizes multiple tiers of storage to significantly optimize storage infrastructure to reduce costs. Mediaflux extends this by adding rich digital asset management functionality on top of DMF and is tightly integrated into DMF workflows. Key features and that Mediaflux adds to extend the capabilities of DMF:

Customer Spotlight

Mediaflux was selected as the data management engine to power RDSI, Australia's national Research Data Storage Infrastructure.

RDSI ties together eight different storage environments at research centers and universities across the country into a shared global network.

  • Queue management and reprioritization.
  • Range recalls (partial file restore).
  • Dynamic content migration. (Prevents cache overflow)
  • Enables multi-site replication and federation between DMF instances.
  • Enables encrypted data in DMF.
  • Mediaflux Archive format (AAR) enables massive file compression, improving DMF efficiency.
    • Millions of files can be coalesced into a single file (inode).
    • Individual files can still be searched and retrieved, without unpacking the whole archive.

In addition, the integration between DMF and Mediaflux means that all of the powerful metadata and data management, query and workflow capabilities are extended to all DMF-managed storage.

The DMF-Mediaflux combination has been deployed by SGI in numerous large environments in APAC, EMEA and North America.

Multi-Platform Support
Mediaflux is an open architecture platform that can be deployed on any compute environment, from laptops, desktops to enterprise class servers running Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. Clustering capability enable tremendous scalability. Mediaflux also supports any storage type or file system, to enable a seamless global query and workflows across otherwise incompatible data stovepipes to create a true globally distributed namespace.

Product Availability
SGI has deployed Mediaflux in media, science and research institutions, government, and academia in North America, EMEA and the Asia Pacific region. Mediaflux is available worldwide through SGI Professional Services.

Mediaflux is a registered trademark of Arcitecta Inc.