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SGI® DMF™ Zero Watt Storage™


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Power-Efficient, High-Density Storage Tier Optimized for Use with SGI DMF

SGI Zero Watt Storage (ZWS) is a high-density on-premise hardware-with-software solution optimized for use as a key storage tier by SGI DMF. The DMF software-defined storage management platform automatically moves data from expensive production disks to alternative tiers of storage such as traditionally used library-based tape, increasingly popular object storage or cloud storage as well as new SGI-proprietary cost and power optimized ZWS.

As a key storage alternative in the powerful hierarchical storage management (HSM) environment created by DMF, ZWS provides the highest levels of disk-based data access performance with a cost profile and power/cooling utilization profile that rivals traditional tape. At the same time ZWS significantly outperforms cloud storage both in terms of cost and performance.

ZWS provides extremely versatile on-premise storage tier which can be used in both HPC as well as HPDA environments. Even though ZWS rivals alternative capacity storage media in price and performance, it can seamlessly integrate into existing tape or geo-distributed object storage or cloud-based hosted storage deployments and can also be used as a fast mount cache (this high availability option can be deployed immediately by existing DMF customers without changing their workflow) or as a "relief" to RAID arrays.

ZWS also offers outstanding capacity and density - over 5 PB of usable storage in a standard rack with limitless scalability - delivering customers the best ROI on their capacity storage investment.

DMF provides individual management and access to every drive in the Zero Watt Storage system - which does not only result in streaming data read rates of over 10GB/sec per 4U enclosure but allows for spin down or even complete power off of inactive disks while all data still appear "online". This unique power-saving feature gives the solution its name: Zero Watt Storage and results in maximum power savings to the customers. Secondary benefit of spin-down, drive management and disk monitoring is reduced drive failure by at least 50% in another words leading to doubling the longevity of the disks.

The extremely versatile, power-managed solution provides a number of benefits such as:

  • High density - 5.6 PB of raw storage in a standard rack with virtually limitless scalability
  • High performance / Low cost - dramamtic cost and performance improvements over cloud and tape library installations
  • Open Standard Access: no user application changes are required to implement this solution
  • Granular drive management - including spin-down and sustained power-off of inactive individual disks while all data appear "online," leading to maximum power savings & doubling the longevity of the disks
  • Greater power savings and additional cost savings from reduced cooling costs - i.e., less heat based on reduced drive activity within each shelf
  • Flexible deployment - no interruption to DMF production environment during ZWS deployment
  • Automated data recoverability - silent data and 'bit rot' corruption prevention as well as 'in place' data recovery
  • Regulatory compliance with WORM (Write Once Read Multiple) requirement.