SGI InfiniteStorage and Active Archiving White Papers

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Time Value of Data (PDF) - (registration required)
Creating an Active Archive strategy to address both archive and backup in the midst of data explosion

The Time Value of Data white paper digs into the growing problems of Back and Archive and the typical difficulties when those two are commingled in the midst of massive data explosion. By addressing the core strategy for creating an active archive, this paper will help IT managers understand how to apply the tactics used at the largest archives in the world on the day-to-day realities of their own environments.

Virtualizing Storage Tiers to Enable Active Archiving (PDF) - (registration required)

Active Archiving is a concept of maintaining multiple tiers of storage in a virtualized online state. This enables users to perceive all the data as being online all the time, even as the data is migrated to more cost-effective platforms. This paper focuses on DMF, one of the world's highest performing tier virtualization tools and how its key technological features can help IT managers solve their problems.

DMF Extends Active Archiving to Lustre (PDF) - (registration required)

Direct archiving feature leverages the power of DMF for any POSIX-compliant filesystem.

Advanced Disk Solutions for Dummies (PDF) - (registration required)
Quickly Demystify Advanced Disk Storage

Everything you wanted to know about SGI storage but were afraid to ask can now be found in this limited edition book produced by SGI in conjunction with Wiley Publishers in London. Advanced Disk Solutions for Dummies is available for immediate download.

In it you will find not only a good backgrounder on the key storage terms and technologies in the industry today, but also some practical descriptions of how this technology is applied in real-world environments.

Written in the typical style of the Dummies Guide series, this book will provide you with a good overview of advanced storage concepts as well as reference to SGI storage products.