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GSA Benefits

  • No Competitive Solicitation Required
  • No Benchmarking
  • Prices Already Determined to be Fair and Reasonable
  • Short Order Cycle (1 to 15 days)
  • Can Exceed Maximum Order Amount (Coordinate order with GSA Program Manager)
  • Can Accept Trade-ins and Grant Trade-in Credits on GSA Order
  • Considered as a "Competitive" Procurement
  • Low Risk for Protest
  • Selected Commercial Promotions Available to Government Customers
  • Terms and Conditions are pre-negotiated

  • Contractor Team Arrangements
    • In order to provide flexibility and allow innovative acquisition methods when using the Federal Supply Schedules, team arrangements are encouraged!
  • GSA Contracting Officers have:
    • Synopsized the procurement
    • Negotiated the contract
    • Determined the prices to be fair and reasonable
    • Met requirements for CICA (Competition in Contracting Act, see FAR 6.102 (d) (3))
    • Compliant with all procurement regulations