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Maintain Your Competitive Edge with SGI Equipment Leasing Options

Companies in today's business environment are faced with investing in state-of-the-art equipment to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs and improving profitability. To address this challenge and assist you in maintaining a competitive advantage, SGI offers lease financing solutions tailored to your specific needs. As a result, you are able to acquire the leading edge equipment you need now and upgrade as your business requirements change. With SGI's equipment leasing options, you have a full array of options ranging from financing to complete lifecycle support from acquisition through disposal including flexible mid-term upgrade solutions and lease-end asset management and remarketing services.


  • Bundle hardware, accessories, software, training, maintenance, and other soft costs into one lease
  • Add on or upgrade to match system capacity and functionality to changing requirements
  • Take advantage of lower upfront costs with 100% financing
  • Preserve credit lines and conserve working capital
  • Avoid higher late-life maintenance costs and benefit from increased reliability and accuracy by upgrading to new systems earlier

Why Customers Lease SGI Equipment

  • Increases availability of capital while preserving credit lines and working capital for day to day operations.
  • Makes it easier to manage budgets and optimize acquisition cycles for new SGI equipment.
  • Offers greater flexibility to upgrade to the latest technology to meet ever-changing business requirements and the need to constantly improve application performance.
  • Allows trade-in of older assets to offset the cost of investing in new SGI equipment through SGI Leasing's buy-back program.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by limiting the useful life of the equipment to the maintenance warranty term.
  • Provides 100% financing for bundled hardware, software and soft cost transactions.

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