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Managing and Using PBS Professional

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3 days
$2100 (plus local applicable Tax)

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Class Format

  • 3 days (The start time is 9:00 AM and end time is 5:00 PM)
  • Instructor led
  • Hands-on exercises, one student to a computer


  • A basic knowledge of Linux/UNIX operation system is required.


  • Understanding PBS Professional
    • What is PBS Professional
    • PBS Works Web Site
    • PBS Works Documentation
    • Currently Supported Systems
    • Workload Managment Components
  • Installation of PBS Professional
    • Pre-Installation Planning
    • Basic installation
    • PBS licenses
    • Post-Installation
    • PBS directory structure
  • Job Management
    • Different types of job
    • Submitting jobs
    • Querying jobs
    • Assigning job attributes
    • Requesting job resources
    • Altering job requested resources
    • Job Dependencies
    • Advance Reservations
  • Using Job Arrays
    • Concept of Job Arrays
    • Submitting Job Arrays
    • Querying Job Arrays
  • Multiprocessor Jobs
    • What is MPI?
    • MPI integration
    • Submitting MPI jobs
  • PBS Server Site Configurations
    • Anatomy of PBS Professional
    • Directory of PBS installation
    • Directory of PBS Server configuration
    • Working with PBS daemons
    • Viewing PBS Server Configurations
    • Working with PBS Server attributes
    • Working with PBS Queue attributes
    • Working with PBS Vnode attributes
    • PBS Server logging information
  • PBS MOM Site Configurations
    • Concept of PBS MOM
    • Directory of PBS MOM configuration
    • Configuring PBS MOM attributes
    • PBS MOM logging information
  • PBS Scheduling Site Configurations
    • Concept of PBS Scheduler
    • Directory of PBS Scheduler configuration
    • Standard behavior of PBS Scheduler
    • PBS Scheduler logging information
    • Configuring various local scheduling policies
  • Scheduling Custom Resources
    • Concept of Custom Resources
    • Understanding various types of custom resources
  • Site Specific Configurations
    • PBS Redundancy and Failover
    • Workstation Cycle Harvesting
    • Prologue and Epilogues custom scripts
    • PBS Accounting Records
    • Uninstalling PBS Professional
  • Trouble Shooting
    • Job exit codes
    • Various trouble shooting assistance