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SGI Altix Performance Evaluation and Tuning

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4.5 days
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This course provides the system administrator with methodologies and tools to evaluate system performance and recommend solutions. Students will learn to use Performance Co-Pilot and accounting to identify applications that may have performance problems. Students will then profile these applications to evaluate common code problems such as cache thrashing or false cache sharing.

Topics Covered

  • Hardware overview
  • Software overview
  • Establish your metrics
  • Instrument the system
  • Performance analysis
  • Live monitoring tools
  • Get a baseline
  • Modules environment
  • Application profiling
  • Multithreading
  • Application memory profiling
  • NUMA tools
  • Profiling system time
  • Application IO

Skills Addressed

  • Use hinv and xscsi commands to determine hardware
  • Use chkconfig, sysctl, rpm and XFS tools to determine software configuration
  • Use a methodology to determine metrics needed
  • Instrument the system using Performanc Co-Pilot, sar and accounting
  • Use PCP/accounting data collected to get a baseline performance
  • Explain performance evaluation techniques
  • Use live monitoring tools to monitor the system
  • Use Intel compiler options to improve code
  • Use pfmon,, histx to profile the application
  • Use Intel compiler OPENMP to multithread an application
  • Use SGI's Message Passing Toolkit mpirun
  • Profile with ps and dlook and explain application memory use
  • Profile with strace and explain application system time
  • Profile with strace and explain application I/O characteristics

Target Audience

  • Experienced system administrators who have knowledge of Linux functionality and have at least six months experience with the Linux operating system

Students should have completed the following courses:

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