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SGI Altix Performance Evaluation and Tuning II

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4.5 days
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This course is intended for the system administrator that makes system configuration decisions.

Topics Covered

  • Virtual memory
  • Swap - kswapd
  • Filesystem layout
  • XVM
  • XFS
  • RAID
  • Buffer cache - bdflush
  • Interprocess communication
  • CPU scheduler
  • Multi-CPU systems
  • Kernel locks

Skills Addressed

  • Describe Linux virtual memory concepts
  • Monitor system memory use and identify problems
  • Configure swap and monitor activity
  • Determine the I/O path and monitor activity
  • Plan filesystem layout and I/O distribution and monitor use
  • Build striped, concatenated and mirror XVM filesystem and monitor use
  • Build an XFS filesystem with best mkfs options
  • Describe tradeoffs in different RAID levels
  • Describe interprocess communication and monitor use
  • Describe the CPU scheduler and monitor the workload
  • Use runon, dplace and cpusets for topology placement

Target Audience

  • Experienced system administrators who have knowledge of Linux functionality and have at least six months experience with the Linux operating system

Students should have completed the following courses:

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