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SGI Altix System Administration II

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4.5 days
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This course provides the experienced Linux user with the skills and information needed to administer the SGI Altix 3000/4000 family of servers and superclusters. Lab exercises are included to prepare students for the actual work environment.

NOTE: This class is specifically for customers who are using the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) based Altix Environment . The class is based on the latest SLES kernel with the additional SGI ProPack software.

Topics Covered

  • SLES installation server configuration
  • SLES ia64 and SGI ProPack network installation with XFS root
  • Autoyast configuration and use
  • Booting a system from a remote server
  • Registration and updating the client system
  • Configuring an update server mirror
  • Using YaST to set up Logical volumes (LVM2)
  • Using the Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) GUI
  • Mirroring the ia64 system disk with MD
  • Using the command line iptables tools
  • Using sshd in a secure environment
  • Using Pluggable Authentication Modules
  • Monitoring processes and memory
  • Using Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA)

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Plan and configure an installation server for the Altix systems
  • Plan and install SGI ProPack and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server over the network
  • Plan and perform a network software update
  • Configure Autoyast and use to install an ia64 default system image
  • Use the SGI YOU server to perform updates
  • Configure a Logical Volume with YaST
  • Configure a Logical Volume with EVMS
  • Mirror the system disk with MD
  • Create a customized firewall with SuSEFirewall2/iptables
  • Set up a secure interactive environment with ssh/PAM
  • Monitor process and memory resources
  • Gather comprehensive process statistics with CSA

Target Audience

  • Experienced Linux users who wish to administer an SGI Altix 3000/4000 family server or supercluster.


Course Sequences

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