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SGI InfiniteStorage DMF Administration

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4.5 days
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This course provides end users with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure, maintain, diagnose, and repair simple failures associated with the SGI Hierarchal Storage Management (HSM) solution called DMF. Topics in this course include the DMF Tape Service (formerly called the Asynchronous Personality Daemon) and the supported tape mounting services: OpenVault and the Tape Migration Facility (TMF).

NOTE: This course does not cover vendor-specific library control software, such as the Sun StorageTek Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS Manager software) or the IBM Control Path Server (CPS).

DMF is a comprehensive data management tool that manages space on native XFS or Clustered XFS (CXFS) file systems in either a monolithic configuration (single DMF server node) or a distributed cluster configuration (multiple DMF nodes) using parallel data mover nodes. High Availability (HA) can also be configured in the distributed environment.

DMF also provides the capability to manage long-term storage of important data. DMF accomplishes this by moving user files data blocks between primary storage, secondary storage devices, and archival storage, which effectively enables users to over-subscribe their file system. This movement process, called file migration, can occur transparently to the end user (automatic migration) or can be invoked by a user via the command line (manual migration).

At course completion, students will be able to install and configure hardware and software to create monolithic and distributed environments. To accomplish this, students will configure these environments during the course labs to provide library server, disk Media Specific Process (MSP), Disk Cache Manager (DCM), and FTP MSP support. This course emphasizes understanding data flow through DMF and interpreting any log messages.

Topics Covered

  • Data Flow Process
  • DMF Installation (Server and Client Commands)
  • DMF Configuration
  • Library Server (Volume Groups, Drive Groups, etc)
  • Disk Cache Manager and Fast Mount Cache
  • FTP and Disk MSP
  • Daily Maintenance
  • General DMF Troubleshooting
  • OpenVault Configuration and Usage
  • DMF Parallel Data Movers
  • Third Party Backup
  • TMF Configuration and Usage (optional)
  • High Availability Configurations (optional)

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain DMF Operation in the production environment
  • Install the DMF hardware and software components
  • Create Disk and FTP Media Specific Processes
  • Configure Disk Cache Managers and Library Servers
  • Configure DMF for use with Tape Management Facility
  • Configure DMF for use with OpenVault
  • Create a distributed DMF environment
  • Configure DMF components for High Availability


  • Familiarity with the XVM Volume Manager
  • SGI linux server administration experience
  • SGI storage system experience
  • General familiarity with tape sub-systems
  • SGI CXFS for students who will support Parallel Data Mover Nodes
  • Familiarity with Linux High Availability (HA) and Heartbeat


  • Instructor-led (Lecture/Lab)

Class Hours

  • Class starts at 9:00 AM. The class dates and times will be included in the confirmation notice you receive from SGI after you register.