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SGI InfiniteStorage High Availability

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4 days
$3600 (plus local applicable Tax)

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This course provides an overview of the functions and components of the Novell HAE (High Availability Environment) and SGI ISSP HA (High Availabitlity) software suites.

This course addresses the concepts of HA resources, resource agents, resource constraints, STONITH resources, and general operational tasks. It is designed for experienced system and network administrators. At course completion, the student will be able to install the necessary HA hardware and software components and create and test the HA environment using various graphical user interfaces (GUIs), command line interfaces (CLSs) and tools. The highly available services that students will create and manage during this coruse include:

  • NFS Services
  • Services using XVM volumes
  • Services using DMF, TMF, and OpenVault
  • Services using CXFS filesystems

Completion of the following courses is highly recommended:

  • Linux System Administration
  • Linux Network Administration
  • SGI InfiniteStorage Maintenance and Administration
  • SGI InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility (DMF) Administration
  • SGI InfinfiateStorage Clustered XFS (CXFS) Administration

Skills Addressed

  • Gain an understanding of highly available services
  • Install and configure HA hardware and software
  • Define resources, resource agents, and constraints
  • Define SGI resources and resource agents
  • Perform common operational tasks
  • Perform system maintenance
  • Identify and recover from HA failures

Course Schedule

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Providing High Availability Services
  • Resources, Resource Agents and Contraints
  • SGI Resource Agents
  • Installing HA
  • Using System Imager (Internal SGI tool only) lab

Day 2:

  • Preparing an HA Cluster
  • HA Commands
  • Common Operational Tasks
  • Defining a DMF Cluster
  • Creating a NFS Resource Group lab

Day 3:

  • Defining a NFS Edge Server Cluster
  • Defining a STONITH Resource
  • System maintenance in a HA Environment
  • Creating a STONITH Resource lab
  • Exploring HA Commands lab

Day 4:

  • Troubleshooting lecture and lab