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Training Center - Chippewa Falls, WI

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SGI training is offered in our training center located at:

  • SGI
    Building 4
    890 Technology Way
    Chippewa Falls, WI 54729


  • Location
    Training will be conducted at SGI 890 Technology Way, Chippewa Falls, WI. All classes begin at 9:00am. There are no food services within walking distance. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.
  • Travel
    You are responsible for all travel arrangements to and from Chippewa Falls, WI. and for local transportation. It is recommended that students arrange for a rental car during their stay. The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport is easily accessible from the SGI campus.
  • Telephone
    Messages for students attending class may be left at 715-726-7000. It is suggested that outside interruptions be limited to a minimum.
  • Smoking/Dress Code
    Smoking is not permitted in the building. During breaks, students may smoke outside. Casual dress is acceptable while attending classes at SGI.
  • Equipment
    Each student will have the use of an SGI workstation for lab exercises. Some classes will have one system and graphics display unit for two students. Access to appropriate reference material is provided in addition to class material and notes.

Recommended Accommodations

The following list of hotels have been chosen primarily for their close proximity (4-5 miles) from SGI (there are no hotels within walking distance). When making your reservation for the following hotels, remember to ask for the SGI Corporate Rate.


Note: Industrial Blvd. was recently renamed as Technology Way. Google Maps still shows this street as Industrial Blvd.

Chippewa Valley Regional Airport to Training Center

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to Training Center