Training Center - Longmont, CO

Overview | Recommended Accommodations | Directions

SGI training is offered in our training center located at:

  • SGI
    Ste A, 1900 Pike Road
    Longmont, CO 80501-6775


  • Location
    Training will be conducted at SGI located in Longmont, Colorado. Class begins at 9:00 am unless otherwise noted in the student's registration confirmation. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.

  • Travel
    You are responsible for all travel arrangements to and from Longmont and for local transportation. Denver International (DIA) is the closest airport to the Longmont facility. It is recommended that students arrange for a rental car during their stay.

  • Telephone
    Messages for students attending class may be left at (800) 361-2621. It is suggested that outside interruptions be limited to a minimum.

  • Smoking/Dress Code
    Smoking is not permitted in the building. During breaks, students may smoke outside. Casual dress is acceptable while attending classes at SGI.

  • Equipment
    Students will have access to SGI equipment for lab exercises. Access to appropriate reference material is provided in addition to class material and notes.

Recommended Accommodations

The following list of hotels have been chosen primarily for their close proximity. When making your reservation for the following hotels, remember to ask for the SGI Corporate Rate. Not all hotels apply.

  • Courtyard Boulder Longmont (1.4 miles from Longmont facility, approx 4 minutes)
    1410 Dry Creek Drive
    Longmont, CO 80503
    303-682-1166 or 800-324-2214
  • Holiday Inn Express (1.6 miles, approx 4 minutes)
    1355 Dry Creek Drive
    Longmont, CO 80503
    303-684-0404 or 800-465-4329
  • Days Inn Longmont (8.5 miles, approx 13 minutes)
    3820 Hwy 119
    Longmont, CO 80501


Denver International (DIA) is the closest airport to the SGI Longmont facility. It is approximately 45 miles from the facility and the recommended hotels.