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Linux System Tuning

Maximum Return on Investment for Your Linux Systems

The competitive demands of today's business environment require that systems operate at peak performance. Optimizing your Linux systems can result in better response times, improved system availability, and superior throughput. In turn, those improvements can translate into faster time to market, enhanced customer service, and greater productivity. System tuning allows your users to do more computing with the same resources, maximizing the investment in your SGI systems.

Better-Than-Ever System Performance

To optimize performance, SGI offers the Linux System Tuning service for SGI systems running Red Hat Enterprise or Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux operating systems. Operating systems may be easy to use from the outside, but to provide the best performance, they need experts who can look inside and tune them properly. SGI's engineers know exactly where to look. With this one-day service, an SGI engineer checks and tunes all relevant parameters that influence system performance, including:

  • Error monitoring
  • Process management
  • Kernel configuration
  • Swap and disk-space management
  • Memory management


  • Checking of system parameters
  • Measuring of performance parameters
  • Tuning of parameters to produce optimum performance


  • Accelerated productivity: improves system performance, minimizes the need for IT attention, and helps users stay productive
  • SGI technical expertise: gives you the assurance that your Linux systems have been optimized by the people who know them best
  • Enhanced value: provides vital information about parameters and tools that your staff can use for ongoing tuning