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Complementary Products

SGI delivers a range of powerful computing products and solutions for servers, storage, software and visualization. But powerful technology solutions are maximized when they are combined and optimized based on your-specific needs. You are kept very busy solving the world's challenging problems, creating the most innovative products and getting the best possible results that information can power. To do that, you need to stay focused on your core competency, not on implementing the technology that enables these tremendous outcomes.

SGI Professional Services augments the application of our technology products to architect the solutions you depend on. And, we reduce your risk, expense and worry by delivering everything you need to complete your project through one point of contact so you can keep your focus on doing what you do best.

That's why we've established partnerships, developed expertise in complementary file system technologies and created consulting solutions and assessments to become a valuable and versatile technology provider focused on delivering the solutions that keep you tops in your field. We offer complementary technologies to support and enhance the SGI product line and give you the true one-stop shop solutions.

Regardless of whether you use SGI's products or have requirements best served by other technology, our industry-leading experts have the expansive knowledge and background to find and design a solution that ensures your compute performance delivers the outcomes you specify.

Contact SGI Professional Services today to learn more about how we can create an end-to-end product and solution plan to deliver the compute power that meet your needs.