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Digital Content Management

What Our Customers Say

""Having a kind of 'big brother' in the NBA go through it first made the decision a lot easier. I needed the reassurance that the system would work and because we wanted a turnkey system for a networked storage solution, having SGI physically in the NBA, and working at the NBA, was significant enough for me to make the choice with SGI. What we wanted to do, the Miami HEAT and SGI, was to basically create a module for other teams in the NBA and other sports. The SGI system is providing us with the tools that we need to produce all the different presentations for all the different mediums. We have very high standards here in Miami. And, the expectation, after winning a World Championship, is huge: We're the hottest ticket in America right now and we're under a magnifying glass. The important thing is that we feel confident that SGI will be with us as the expectations continue to rise.""

Ed Filomia
Senior Director of Broadcast Services, Miami HEAT

"The success of the pilot project proved the feasibility of the undertaking and demonstrated a return on investment. We began broadcasting live news with the pilot system on December 7, 2001, and then extended to a new three-hour morning news service. In the pilot project, more than 1,000 news broadcasts were digitally produced, delivered, and archived. We have been very pleased with the quality and speed of production."

Torben Lundberg
Head of Technology for News and Sports, Danmark Radio

Media, Entertainment & Government

Every day we produce and consume content at increasing rates. The problem with so much data is finding what we need quickly and using it in interactive ways to increase audience engagement, save time and provide higher relevance.

Access to archived data and the ability to transmit and share it through a variety of different mediums is often a challenge requiring integration of different software and hardware systems to produce the desired outcomes.

The rotating staff of 15 producer-editors uses the SGI NAS system - approximately 16 hours a day in season - to create content for HEATV. The right combination of ingest, editing and archival systems enables broadcast media to increase the capacity of digital content production for consumers.

Backup and recovery system for critical financial trading solution
Financial information services now leverage digital content solutions to send millions of messages between brokers, buy sides and exchanges. As you can imagine, the requirements for the management of this type of data are stringent. There's no room for data loss or interruption of access to such critical information who depend on it, 24/7.

A large financial institution in the UK supports over 22,000 users at 520 clients around the world, is used by 9 out of 10 of the world's largest asset managers and serves over 85% of global, tier-one equity brokers. Its network carries over 95 million messages each month to and from brokers, buy-sides and exchanges. Their need for a fully integrated backup and recovery solution came with stringent requirements. SGI Professional Services approached the project through simulation modeling to design and configure a resilient solution that would provide the customer with the optimal configuration to meet their requirements.

Expedite news production across a network of media properties

News production moves fast, is often volatile, and represents one of the most demanding broadcasting applications. The prevalence of short deadlines, immense quantities of information and a broad range of sources, pose many inherent challenges that can be successfully addressed by a shared repository-including 2 television stations and multiple radio stations.

Digital content solutions enable fast retrieval and production capabilities for sharing information with the world-or a private network of prized customers. Information delivery is critical to keep people informed, to entertain them and to do business. That's not going to change. We've been involved in some of the most innovative projects in the world, which makes us the perfect choice for your next project. Contact SGI Professional Services today to find out how we can architect a digital content solution to put your information to work successfully in an interactive environment.

Contact SGI Professional Services today to find out how we can architect a digital content solution to put your information to work successfully in an interactive environment.