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File Management Consulting

Higher I/O performance is a requirement for competitive advantage given the increasing volume of data that must be mined, searched, modeled and simulated to deliver the insights necessary for today's innovations. Getting this level of performance is easier when you apply SGI Professional Services' collective depth of expertise in file system technologies, infrastructure optimizations, and operational efficiencies to help.

Technology systems are major asset investments that deliver longer and produce better outcomes when optimized to deliver exactly what your organization needs. We work hand-in-glove with you to design and implement solutions to give your business an impressive return on those investments.

And, let's face it, data volume is not going to slow. That means you need a solution designed to scale without a drop in performance levels as your organizational needs grow.

In order to extend the capabilities of cluster computing to meet our your needs, we've focused on providing file system services options for a variety of environments:

Panasas Parallel Storage
If your compute performance is subpar, you've got unleveraged applications or are dealing with increased storage costs and difficult maintenance, the Panasas / SGI solution can be a compelling optimization choice.

SGI's Lustre Services
If you have a Linux-based super computer with extremely high I/O requirements and need sustained high performance, Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre is the right choice to meet your data storage needs.

IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS)
If you need to provide a common view of enterprise files from an environment with mixed server and storage components, the SGI GPFS solution answers those needs. Our GPFS solution is not just for clustered Web or application services but provides great results for any application that requires a scalable, highly available storage infrastructure.

Contact SGI Professional Services today and discover how powerful your compute and storage processes can be when you incorporate file system advantages.