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What Our Customers Say

"This system arrived on pallets on Thursday and was running to the log-in prompt by Saturday. It's gratifying to be working with a solution provider like SGI, which has successfully delivered a true production-ready supercomputer."

William Feiereisen
Science advisor to Governor Richardson, regarding the NMCAC project.

"SGI delivers flexible computing with a hybrid architecture that integrates high-throughput, high-performance and FPGA-based solutions for all of our bioinformatics applications - a solution that seamlessly runs applications in the environment best suited for optimal performance."

Mohd Noor Mat Isa
Laboratory Manager, Malaysia Genome Institute

"Finding the right tools wasn't the biggest challenge. What really made the difference was the support, the knowhow, the experience and the availability of the team we worked with."

Adelio Schieroni
Leader of the data processing center and strategies and policies group, Gaetano Pini Institute

Science, Healthcare & Education

When scientists and researchers leverage technology, they're not just looking for computational proficiency. They want faster time to insight. Science and engineering applications have intensely high I/O demands. Getting speed, consistency and a high level of sustainable performance is sometimes as challenging as the research itself. Plus, scientists and researchers know their needs for data processing will expand exponentially over time, so they need the flexibility to scale as data volumes evolve.

Science and Research-as well as education and healthcare-are areas where interests are best served to stay focused on core competencies and engage the high-level technology expertise necessary to design, acquire and implement state-of-the-art HPC solutions. SGI Professional Services has extensive experience in leveraging infrastructure for performance to successfully address the needs within these complex computing environments.

"Power up and go" supercomputing enabling collaborative research

Time is a critical factor in powering compute-driven outcomes. We've all heard the stories about the months it takes to launch super computers. But, it's now possible to power up and go-quickly enabling education, research and business capabilities.

When New Mexico Computing Application Center needed a powerful cluster with a parallel file system, they turned to SGI. The SGI experts in cluster technology, parallel file system configurations, and large program installations designed and installed a system that met the extreme IO and throughput requirements needed for their research and development projects.

Implementation and vendor coordination management

Enabling the processing of large data sets is one thing. Managing the implementation and coordinating a follow-on project to protect that critical information is another. Given the importance of the massive amount of data stored and accessed through the KnowledgeGRID, Mimos wanted to ensure the GRID was secure, protected from disaster and positioned for fast recovery. They turned to trusted partner SGI to leverage the extensive complementary technology expertise of their Professional Services group. SGI Professional Services managed the project, seamlessly integrated the Spectra Logic Tape Library with the existing HPC grid, provided consulting insights to streamline their data management efforts and met the stringent requirements necessary to support the national knowledge infrastructure of Malaysia.

This is just a taste of how SGI Professional Services is helping science, research, education and healthcare tackle their high performance computing needs.

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