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Visual Reality

What Our Customers Say

"There are many benefits to the SimWelder, but I think the main one is the cost-avoidance to the institutions of not having to purchase steel, wire for the wire feeds and the different types of welding rods. There's also savings in electricity."

Art Hernandez
Vice Principal, Vocations, Office of Correctional Education, CDCR

"SGI Professional Services started with our vision and all the complexities it implied and architected a complete solution that translated our wishes into functional technology."

James Avery
(Former) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs DLC

"SGI people were passionate about what they did, just like us. They helped us brainstorm how to take a technology that we saw the oil and gas industry and automotive industry using successfully and apply it to consumer electronics."

Mike Squillace
Multimedia Global Design Development Manager, Thomson

Participate, Train, Collaborate

Technology has created new ways to collaborate with people around the world, using information in a variety of ways that allows everyone to participate from the same perspective. This capability to discuss, interact with and manipulate information in a global forum has transformed the capacity of research and design to provide comprehensive understanding and global idea development along with faster product designs and time to market.

SGI Professional Services knows firsthand how powerful interactive computing environments can be through the enablement of thousands of visualization solutions, worldwide. This collaborative visual legacy drives solution designs that address and impact how we work today.

Imagine you want to create a collaboration facility for researchers to enable them to work interactively with others around the world. But, it also has to be reconfigurable with technology that adapts to however the rooms are shifted for particular use cases.

Perhaps you're looking for a 3D visualization solution that will harness your existing digital assets, reduce your development cycles and get your products to market faster.

Views to what's possible in our increasingly interactive world:

Immersive Visual Training
What if you need to train people in a normally cost-intensive program that uses a lot of energy and you're under a mandate to cut costs, but also to improve the skills outcomes of your students? SGI Professional Services, with our partner VRSim, offers Sim Welder solutions. The virtual training solution provides the necessary skill sets desired by the steel workers union and other welding institutions such as shipyards, but in a cost-effective energy saving manner.

Expansive Technology Experience for problem solving
SGI has been pushing computing and visualization boundaries for close to 15 years. When a HPC and Networking Center in Amsterdam encountered a problem with their visualization system they turned to SGI. Working side-by-side with the customer, we uncovered the root problems with their visualization system and presented a solution to their issue.

Graphical Expertise in global, collaborative visual solutions
When you're working with five different facilities across your country analyzing satellite images for insights that enable innovative discovery, the degree to which you can visualize that information plays a pivotal role. Harnessing the expertise to apply visual elements that gives you "feet on the ground" perspective means faster time to knowledge.

Large visual data sets, scalable visualization
The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) needed a solution to study subsurface oil and gas deposits to determine the safest and most efficient ways to extract them. The data sets were large; ranging from 500GB to 600GB and utilizing applications such as Landmark GeoProbe and Schlumberger GigaViz. CNOOC selected SGI for it's reputation for reliable, scalable, visualization solutions.

Visual reality comes in many flavors and is used for a variety of outcomes including enhanced collaboration, better insights to large data sets, and interpretational perspectives that are used to improve the way we work, play and explore. The technology also enables us to participate, engage and train in ways not possible just a short time ago. When you want to embrace visual information within your organization, contact SGI Professional Services.