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Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs)


In the event that SGI determines that the replacement of a customer's hardware part is necessary, SGI will send a replacement part to the customer's site for installation. Installation is then performed by either the customer (Customer Replaceable Unit, or CRU) or an SGI Field Engineer.

If a failed part under warranty or a Support Service Plan is classified as a CRU, SGI will ship the customer a new part. The customer is then responsible for installing the replacement part and shipping the failed part back to SGI. It is important to note that our CRUs can be easily installed and replaced by the customer's support staff - which enables a quick restoration to proper system operation.

For additional information about SGI CRUs:

Failed CRU Identification Process
If a customer experiences issues with their system, the first point of contact for assistance should be with a local SGI Customer Support Center. Our highly-trained staff will:

  • Help determine the cause of the problem
  • Identify any failed CRUs
  • Order replacement component(s) and have them shipped

Once the replacement part is received, customers are required to replace the component and ship the failed part to SGI within 10 days (using the return shipping label included with the part replacement).

CRU Replacement Instructions

Instructions on how to replace CRUs for various systems are included in the Hardware User Guides. The guides are available for download from the SGI Customer Portal.