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Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs)

Customer Obligations


  • "Customer Replaceable Unit" or "CRU" means an Equipment component which is deemed to be accessible and replaceable by the Customer.

  • "Customer Support Center" or "CSC" means an SGI-authorized location for telephonic technical Support and problem resolution.

  • "Licensed Software" means software products licensed to you pursuant to a separate license agreement between you and SGI, and accepted for Support by SGI and listed on the Quotation. The term "Licensed Software" also includes Updates delivered pursuant to this Agreement. Licensed Software does not include maintenance Software.

  • "Product(s)" means Licensed Software and/or Equipment which SGI has agreed to provide Support under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • "System Support Engineer" ("SSE") means a SGI representative authorized to perform on-site Support.

  • "Warranty Start Date" SGI Warranty starts day the day of Shipment.

Customer Obligations

You will promptly notify SGI of any failures or bugs in the Product, and provide SGI with any reasonable assistance in performing its obligations hereunder, including cooperating with SGI's Support personnel in performing reasonable Product testing, and allowing access to the Product and information relating to any problem you report to SGI. Further, you agree to the following:

a. Equipment Support. You must: (i) maintain Equipment in a location that conforms to the environmental conditions listed in the appropriate SGI documentation; (ii) notify SGI of any configuration changes to the Equipment; (iii) notify SGI of your intent to move Equipment and hold SGI harmless from damage resulting from such a move; (iv) include all Equipment components (designated by SGI part or model number) in a system under Support; (v) allow, subject to your reasonable security requirements, SGI SSEs full and unconditional access to the Equipment; (vi) ensure free and non-delayed passage of SGI SSEs, their support tools and exchange of replacement parts. Failure to comply will require you to assume additional responsibilities which may include, but is not limited to: uplifts for Equipment maintained in a legally-mandated security environment such as a United States Government classified program which restricts the free exchange of parts or access by SGI SSEs; (vii) completely disclose to SGI any potential safety or health hazards existing at the site and provide safety procedures to be followed while at the site; (viii) provide, at no charge to SGI, working space, electricity, and access to a local telephone line for the SSE; and (ix) have an authorized representative present during Support at all times or agree to reschedule Support.

You may be asked for additional information to assist your CSC technician or SSE, such as, but not limited to: (i) serial number or solution ID of Equipment, (ii) error message or problem description, and/or (iii) information related to any software or third party components you are using that are not covered under this Agreement. Additionally, your CSC technician or SSE may require that you load another version of the Operating System onto your computer system to determine whether the problem is reproducible. You also agree that the completeness and accuracy of the information which you provide to your CSC Technician or SSE will affect SGI's ability to resolve your problem in a timely manner.

If Product Warranty includes Advanced Parts Exchange or Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs), and SGI ships you replacement exchange parts, SGI will ship such parts for your receipt within one (1) business day after fault isolation, or as commercially reasonable. Such parts will be new parts, or parts which perform as new parts. You will: (i) promptly pack the defective part(s) for shipment in the replacement part's packaging and return the defective part to the address on the packaging, postage prepaid; and (ii) if you do not return the defective part within ten (10) days after your receipt of a replacement part, SGI will contact you and request a purchase order for the then current list price for the replacement part; and (iii) if the defective part or purchase order are not received by SGI within thirty (30) days, service for all Equipment under this Agreement will be suspended until the defective part is returned to SGI or an acceptable purchase order for the replacement part is delivered to SGI.

Defective parts that you return to SGI become SGI's property; parts that SGI provides to you in exchange for such defective parts become your property. SGI will accept a maximum two (2) requests for parts from you to repair a specific problem. If the part provided in the second instance does not resolve the problem, SGI will make a recommendation regarding problem resolution that may involve SGI visiting your site. Except for any damage you may have caused to the Equipment, you will not be obligated for payment of the replacement parts required to solve the problem during an SGI on-site service call. You will be obligated to pay for SGI's actual time, travel and per diem charges.

If you have service maintenance program such as FullCare, Full Express, or FullExpress 7x24, SGI will replace all CRUs in the system. The SGI Product User Guide has procedures to assist with the replacement of these components that can be found here. The CSC will be available during your contracted Support hours for assistance. Onsite support by an SGI Service Representative can be contracted separately if necessary.