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Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs)

Installation Policy

Effective January 1, 2016, the following Customer Replaceable Unit policy is in effect for all new warranty and Support Services customers.

In the event that Silicon Graphics International Corp., (SGI) determines that the replacement of a hardware part is necessary, SGI will send a replacement part to the Customer's site for installation. Installation is then performed by either the Customer (Customer Replaceable Unit, or CRU) or an SGI Field Engineer.

Subject to the Customer's SGI Customer Support Agreement (CSA), if SGI determines that the replacement part should be installed by the Customer, the part is therefore considered a CRU. Accordingly, the part will be sent to the Customer in lieu of onsite SGI Field Engineer response. Per the replacement exchange parts provisions of the CSA, SGI will use commercially reasonable efforts to send replacement parts to the Customer and the Customer will promptly return the defective part(s) to SGI. Please be advised that CRU is now included in all Support Services programs so no fee will apply.

CRU installation is included in the support service programs - HardwareCare, FullCare, Full Express, and FullExpress 7x24. The SGI Product User Guide has procedures to assist with the replacement of the components that can be found here. Please note, SGIís authorized Customer Support Center will be available during a Customerís contracted support hours for assistance.